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Whats The Longest Youve Ever Been High Off A Single Hit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tastytrichomes, May 31, 2013.

  1. I normally smoke joints so I get a slow, progressive high. Have been for a few years almost daily so I have a tolerance at the moment.
    Today I ripped this bong with some people and this massive fucking hit got me stoned for just about five hours. Hasn't ever happened before, but holy shit.
    So what's the longest high in your experiences off of one hit?

  2. Coming off a month of no smoking, I took 1 grav hit of Sour D and I was stoned for 4 hours...1 of which I could not get the urge to move lol.
  3. I dont know, its subjective..At what point do you stop being high?  I've taken one hit and felt it for the rest of the day
    With weed you peak so quickly that you almost instantly begin coming down after like 10-15 minutes but that can drag on for hours
  4. Back when I was a baby stoner I ripped my first ever bong load and got so damn high I thought I was falling every time I closed my eyes. That lasted about 3 hours.
  5. Probably the first time I smoked ever was from a bong and that lasted about 3-4hrs
  6. I distinctly remember going to bed stoned, waking up stoned and eating bowl after bowl of delicious fruit loops. 
  7. 20-30minutes tops. Damn what's wrong with me man?!?!
  8. Two hours, but I had that groggy feeling for the rest of the night. 
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    Rest of the day? Jesus, long time. Usually when i smoke I feel the onset within a minute or two of smoking no matter the method, but then the peak can last for a fucking long time my dude
    Never been high for 5 hours off a single bong hit before today
  10. Never only done just One hit before
  11. Single hit? What's that? Haha. I don't like to share my bowls! Its hard to keep track of time too... when we made brownies I swear we were high for 6 hours or more!!

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  12. about an hour, took a hit at school with no tolerance and was high the whole class after. was fun though.
  13. First time I dabbed I was high for atleast 6 hours
  14. this was just recently picked up from a new guy dont know a strand or if it even falls under any but...... I was told it was really good so I smoked a bowl yea it was good but my thoughts was ahhhh not worth what I paid so that lasted about 3 hrs i take a nap wake up had some things to do so i just take one solid hit hold maybe 5 seconds and grab a bottle of water and go out to my garage to get in my car car and it hit me hard as fuck so I just went back inside and was couch locked for about 45 min and was high for about 3 hrs as well
  15. Collected some kief and pressed it into a ball in my hand. Put that little guy in my pipe took one hit and by the time I got half way back to my room I was having trouble focusing. The high lasted 3-4 hours. Felt like 6
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    I guess it's cause I didnt have anything to eat. I just woke up, had a banana and some coffee about an hour before i took that huge hit. I wasnt insanely stoned but five hours was a long time to experience a solid high hahaha
    Was soooo tired though, bongs are not for me, never have been. my lungs are pretty bad anyway, considering buying a vape
  17. First time I ever took a hit of "wax", it was outta my friends bong and wow! just one hit and I stayed high for about an two hours almost...some potent stuff man
  18. One of the times I've taken a hit of straight kief would be up there.  After some of those hits I couldn't even open my eyes for like a minute
  19. My very first ever bong rip had me lit for hours. I remember feeling residual effects a solid 20 hours later. I wasn't "high" but I was still coming down. Never want to be that high again..

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