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Whats the longest time you were 'err baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poolstick, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Got $60 worth of southern ontario OG Canadian Kush (6gs!!!got a sick deal) and i've been high for 2 days now.

    Wakeup: smoke
    Lunch: smoke
    After supper:smoke
    Sleep like a baby

    Whats your longest re ord of being baked? :smoke:
  2. Well one time I had like an hour smoking sesh with some friends and a 3 hose hookah by some train tracks, we smoked a shitload of weed and I was high for like six hours afterward.
  3. most likely about 4-5 days, depending on my class schedule I can easily go about 4-5 days straight smoking a bowl every 2-3 hours.
  4. I think im on day 10-15.. in all honesty. I go to bed stoned.. wake up stoned.. then get stoned again... ect
  5. Take it slow so that you dont run out by tomorrow! haha. Whenever me and my friends pick up a lot we get a excited and end up blazing it all that day as if we got a dub. lol

    Back when I first started smoking when we would pick up 8ths it would keep me high for 4-6 hours at a time and we would keep smoking until it was gone :)
  6. Err a month or so I got a half ounce of some low grade for 35 bucks and that lasted me about a week and a half or so of being stoned all day every day, granted I had just come off a T-break
  7. one time i was stonjed for a week straight true story0.o
  8. No more than 24 hours. Any more than that is addict-status.
  9. I have been pretty much stoned since 1979. :smoke:
  10. Well edibles made me stay home from school for a full day. Damn those brownies... evil. :devious:

    but prob every day cause i got through more then a gram a day. So I just smoke all day.
  11. I made brownies one time, super strong brownies and it was the first time i'd made edibles, and they were taking too long to kick in so i smoked a bowl.

    After smoking I was high.

    And there was a huge plate of brownies.

    Long story short, I ate 24 brownies in one sitting and ended up high for 3 days (admittedly I slept through most of the first day and a half...) without any more weed from that point :eek:

    Wouldn't happen anymore though, my tolerance is way too high.
  12. Ate a medible from the club and was super ripped for 12 hrs and could still feel it 20 hrs later. That's the the longest from one dose I have been lit as for just smoking successive sesh's like all day all night prolly 3-4 months not comin down, but it gets expensive cause your tolerance goes way the fuck ^
  13. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I've been high for years at a time. Without pot I get really sick, so I'm high 24/7. I eat edibles before bed so I don't wake up sober and sick.
  14. Not for med patients.
  15. I have no idea
  16. 3days right after a tbreak...
  17. A friend and I went on a brownies and smoke "binge". We were blitzed for 36 hours. Shit was ridiculous yet totally marvelous
  18. Waste of herb imho. What good is the light without the dark? What good is the high without the low?

    To answer your question, maybe a day of up-down-up-down, but that's it. I prefer smoking and waiting until I come down almost completely. Getting high over and over is more special than staying high constantly in my experience.
  19. Depends on the occasion. It's not healthy to stay high all day every day, unless you have a legitimate excuse as a med patient - i.e. if you got the card for insomnia that doesn't mean you should be blazed 24/7. Is it wrong to spend a whole day high? Nah. Just not every day.

    I definitely plan on doing that once I come off my 2-month T break though :D me and a friend are throwing down on a 1/2 oz. and I plan on being very high for a very long time.
  20. When I started smoking weed my friend had me smoke a gravity bong. I only took 7 hits but I was GONE. I didnt come down for about 24 hours. It was awesome!

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