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Whats the longest a high has lasted for you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NotKyleGlovezz, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Just curious on the longest high everyone has had
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  2. Like a 20 hr high after dabbing 7g of high quality wax. Woke up high the next morning
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  3. I started at 4pm edible. Started coming down around 9pm almost 8hours 1136pm here in az Might take another piece.
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  4. 8 +hours after eating hash oil raw lol. I took it around 1, hit me around 3 and I was stoned till 12. Even the next day i felt high up until 9am. I also ate 12 pizza slices and 6 brownies

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  6. via burning weed the longest high without hitting the next bowl ~ 3 hours. Or maybe the length of any michael bay movie.

    Stay high blades :love-mj:
  7. About 24 hours, shiiiit was intense
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  8. Same here lol
  9. My record for being high continuously is 2 days. (I would smoke every 2 hours while awake). From a single session I'd say about 5 hours from a couple big ass dabs

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  10. Um, honestly i cant remember, with my tolerance like 45-1 hour then just body high for a while. But id say maybe 3-4 hours and that was with my first dab ever lol. body highs can last me a while but i dont really count it cuz ur not like mind fucked.

    did you feel shit at all after? Im just curious, that would be interesting headspace. Any like moments of feeling "dumb" or like you regret the decisions? or nah just felt like any good old day just blowing reefer all day.

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