whats the local music scene around you like?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by toker42025, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. my friends and I recently started a band we've been writing originals theyre mostly punk/grunge with some metal added making it a bit heavier. i was checking out some local bands and almost every band around here are like emo screamo bands or some variation on that so im not exactly sure how well we'll be recieved. So whats the local music scene around you guys like?
  2. Fucking dead.

    I mean, the local stuff is alright, but there isn't a whole heap of variety. A lot of high school bands, and one mediocre pop rock cover act that seems to play every single bar, every single night. :rolleyes:

    My band plays surf/pop/garage sounding stuff, which is popular but uncommon where we are. For a state capital, there's a serious lack of music scene. The downfalls of living in such an isolated place, I guess.
  3. mostly white boy rappers dissing each other through shitty premade beats and twitter. and some lame post hardcore.
  4. sounds dead everywhere so far hahaha. i think part of the problems the Internet i mean its just more easier to distribute music thro the internet than actually go aout and play shows and put that kinda effort into it. I loved playing live in my last band tho im more concerned with thatthan putting an album out so soon
  5. Dont get me wrong tho i love the internet lol

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