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Whats the likelihood of me passing this thing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by johnathonwoco1, May 15, 2009.

  1. So the last time I have smoked was on April 27 thats like 18 days so far where i have totally abstained. I have to pass a drug screen piss test for this summer job on May 28th...that gives me 31 days clean...I have a high metabolism, Im 6'2 158 pounds. Just wondering what you guys think?
  2. You're gonna pass, unless you've smoked like an 1/8 a day for 6+ months. Which I'm guessing you havn't...
  3. You'll pass for sure, dude. Don't worry.

    I'm about the same build as you, high metabolism, and smoked a week before a piss test and ended up passing.
  4. I would place money on your passing. I cleaned out for 17 days, drank a gallon of water over 3 hours before the test, and ate some red meat the day before and of the test. I smoked 2-3 grams a day everyday before this. I'm 5'10" and about 140 lbs. I passed it, and I didn't feel good about it before I took it. With as much time as you have, you will be more than good. I got the job :D! For whatever you are taking the test, you should be fine. I'll send you good vibes. I know it's nerve racking.
  5. You're totally good man. 31 days is more than enough time for someone of your build and metabolism.
  6. Thanks a lot guys, I have been excercising and drinking lots of water everyday, I just want to pass and get this job so I can toke up again....I miss it so much!
  7. its strange, when I read the title I really thought this was about kidney stones or anal play gone wrong.

    well maybe next time.:rolleyes:
  8. have a friend piss in a 2oz shampoo bottle.. make sure you wash it out really good.. stick it under your chode.. suprisingly there is a nice pocket there and holds it quite well.. toke up right now and say fuck it.. being right under your balls and compact in between your legs will keep the temp at a solid 90-96 degrees.. i dont reccomend this for you if you are doing it for your probation officer or work release.. but your not so get high cause i cant
  9. Hey! So I bought an at Home 5 panel drug test costed me damn 40 bucks but it said 99.9% accurate on the front and that it was FDA approved, well low and behold I passed it for all 5 substances, and I passed the THC test after only 22 days of not smoking, and Im talking heavily smoking (3-4) times a day for 2 years straight...All I did was exercise and eat a low fat diet, Thank god I don't have to drown myself in water to dilute myself before the test now! Im on my 27th day of not smoking right now and only 3 more days till the actual lab test for the job, 3 MORE DAYS TILL I CAN FINALLY LIGHT UP AGAIN!
  10. 37 days 21 hours 41 minutes and 30 seconds till i can burn again....

    lol dont ask, i have a countdown widget on my computer:smoking:
  11. lol i got two days left after 4 months of no smoking.

    im hyped.

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