Whats the latest and greatest seed strain out there

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  1. Im buying seeds from attitude once again and have been off the forum for quite awhile. Just wondering what the best new strains out there. I prefer sative but like it all. I love old school skunk and pine tasting stuff but really just want the most potent I can get. I just have a small grow for my self and usually grow long flowering pure sativas but again, now I am looking for potency over anything else.

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    they don't sell them anymore. Too many people bought them all. Start hanging out with cougars. Maybe they will hook you up with one of their old growing boyfriends. Or, you could just believe all the reviews you read on the internet. Learning to speak seed vendor helps. When they say it is the best, that means either it is hot selling or they have a ton of it they need to unload.
  3. I understand all that. I have been growing and buying seeds since the mid 80's. I have talked with many a seed vendor on my various trips to A'dam. A cougar at my age would be in her 60's. No thanks. I dont believe all reviews or vendors. I can pick my own seeds as I have been for years. Just figured it could not hurt to ask. Except maybe online. Never know what you may learn. Plus attitude is still selling if you did not know. Better ax somebody.
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  4. Check by the UK growers thread will be some good suggestions in there I'm sure :)
  5. Blue Dream or Green Crack maybe

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  6. Fruit punch heavy weight

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  7. It's really hard to say what's best as opinions vary depending on your location. I would stick with what's the top rated or selling strains of in doubt. Or you can purchase past cannabis cup winners. Blue Dream always grows well along with Jack Herrer or LSD.
  8. Cookiessss

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  9. Bodhi and karmas shit is fire
  10. I realize there is no definitive answer to the question. Forgot to mention I am also looking for something different. I have grown jack herrer, blue dream, green crack, orange bud, black sugar rose, strawberry cough, nevilles haze, twilight, giga bud(getting another), dr grinspoon, skunk classic, og kush, trainwreck, blue cheese, super silver haze, silver cheese, mazar kuxh, afgan kushx white widow, northern soul, la blancha, white widow, swazi skunk, blue widow, skunk classic and probablly a few more. I got a strawberry cough and a critical sensi star going on 3 weeks at the moment.
  11. I'd try a gsc strain. Heard they're not that easy to grow however.
  12. Barneys LSD is a good smoke. Had a g13 blue og as a freebie, started off at $13 now its over $20. Strong shit and very nice smell. Not something you would give to a lightweight.
  13. Love the LSD. Especially the one pheno I found that was so purple, it looked black and had stupendous resin production. I called it salt and pepper -- totally different than all the others, short and stocky, intense earthy goodness. New stuff? I've also been outta the loop for a while and am researching that very question you're asking. It's not exactly new, but have you tried darkstar? I found it to be of crippling potency and interesting terpenes.

    3 degrees of separation
  14. Red Congolese/ Nigerian Hash Plant OG

    Durban Poison IBL landrace

    Swazi (someone else mentioned) is one of my personal faves :p

  15. Adding to the two fellas above. I'm growing Barney's Farm LSD, harvesting in a couple of weeks so no smoke report yet but heard great things. Here's a pic
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  16. Do they have it as a auto seed

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  17. I have never seen a Barney's Farm LSD in a auto, feminized only. Dutch Passion has an AutoMazar which is very close to the Barney's Farm LSD. To me they are pretty much identical, as Barney's Farm LSD is predominately a powerful Mazar crossed with skunk #1. But the powerful Mazar rules that cross big time. Yeah that's just my personal opinion, but grow them side by side and you to will see what I mean!
  18. I have been buying seeds from a breeder in California lately. His kik handle is tattootim08er. He mails through snail mail to me in texas n my buddy in new hampshire with no problems.
    Just got honey and blueberry haze....the leafs are bigger than my hand....really wild.
    Seeds were 2.00 each unsexed n i got 10 females out of 17 plants.
    He will send u a orice list on kik . I paid with . Very trustworthy and killer stuff.
    Again tattootim08er on kik.

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  19. Stop trying to scam people, dickhead.
  20. No scam. Gods honest truth. I was buying from amstetdamn for 3x that price so i think its a good deal. Simply send him a kik for a price list of current stock he has.
    And i dont appreciate the langauge either sir.

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