Whats the last way..?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rediah1, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So whats the last way you smoked, and how much, and what did you do afterwards?:wave:

    For example right now I just sparked like .2-.3 of some dank I had in a Wood tip wine Black n' mild because I didn't really have anything else to spark out of at the moment and I cant roll or anything. Anyways so I just mixed it about 60/40 weed/tobacco with how ever much of the tobacco it took. I found a nice chill spot outside a recreation center right next to my house, kicked it back on the bench and sparked it, chillin and just enjoying the beauty of the environment. Looked up at the sky, and instantly felt a soaring head rush from the tobacco and a nice buzz from the tree. The head rush became so intense and my head felt euphoric. It burned so slow and smooth I took my time and just enjoyed my surroundings. Im so high right now I cant even remember why I am making this thread.....im like daydreaming and shit because this music is just so orgasmic.

    So anyways yea!:D what about you guys??
  2. Blunt.


    Ate some grub.
  3. Bong

    >0.5 gram hit

    I forgot.
  4. Bubbler, somewhere between .5 and a gram, listened to music and browsed funny stuff on the internet after.
  5. dank bowl .5 snap
    listen to music and surf gc, real ***** whatsup
  6. 1 gram of dank split between 4 people.
    Drove around, came home, went to sleep xD
  7. just another rip in my room
  8. on a tbreak, so about a week ago.
    a bowl of dank
  9. .3-4ish of some very decent upper mids through my bubbler.

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