Whats The Last Thing You Did For The First Time?

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, May 25, 2013.

  1. Just like the title..

    What is it? What did you do?

    I just had a conversation in Spanish wit a native speaker at work and it was fucking awesome to take what I learned in class and apply it at work.
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    I just sold a ring, Got into a schematics war, even though we were both wrongish (I was more right than wrong) returned the money and basically had to "buy" vis shipping and b/s the ring for 7.50 to get it back......last thing I did for the first time, and last time I do that ever.
    Or on a positive note, for smitsslicktricksaturday I no warm up switch ollied a recycle-bin and then first try F/s flipped the bank in my driveway. Both haven't done. Or in mannny years haha. Feels goo.
  3. I planted zucchini and butternut squash this morning. Never planted those before.  
  4. jerked off.....three times in a row
    Fuck yeah man, I'm a tad late but I wanna make a garden, might just do CFL veggie patch, CFL & DWC Lettuce bucket, dude, you can get salad for months haha and it's that indo!
    Are ya sore? If you aren't sore, that could be a first to some. My peeper would be screaming :blink:
  6. Umm.. I drove an automatic car, it sucked. I used my moms car to take my sister somewhere, worst idea ever, also because for the first time ever, on the way out of the driveway I hit my own car! 2 for 1! -___-
  7. that sucks. hilarious, but sucks. never drove a stick here, only automatic. 
    I smoked weed that I grew from a seed. not only was it good but it was even better because I made it.
  8. Hahahah damn, fail. That's ok, third times the charm
  9. I learned how to drive in a stick, went to get my first car and found the car I wanted in stick so I had no choice.

    It was a terrible fail, I don't know wth I was doing...
  10. just a little hahaha probably should have taken a break
  11. I visited Yosemite National Park.
  12. I sold a PN60F8500, those TV's are sick
  13. LSD. And shrooms.
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  16. Got arrested... :(
  17. Got a tattoo lol but that was monday. Haven't did something for the first time since then
  18. Designed my first tattoo, I doubt I'll ever get it but it's nice to know if I want to it's there.
  19. Saw a show at the Ohio Theatre
  20. Moved my own stuff.

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