Whats the largest amount of weed you have seen and purchased?

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. What is the most amount of weed you blades have seen in person. And whats the most you have bought at one time? Just wonderin...

    The most I have seen at one time was a half pound of dank that I grew :smoking:. The most I have ever bought was a half pound of regs.

    And one time I bought a qp of shrooms:D

    How bout you blades? lying is unneccisary...who are you trying to impress anyways.:p
  2. Seen: 60 grams of hash

    Bought: 10 grams of hash
  3. the most I've seen: 6+ lbs (While I was in Humboldt)

    the most I've bought at once? Use your imagination.:)
  4. Seen a pound of schwagg
    Bought a pound of dank before I ever saw it (from canada via the mail)

    That is all.
  5. Most ive ever bought would be a half oz
  6. Via mail. You crazy mothafuka!:smoking:
  7. most i've seen probably 8 or 9 pounds
  8. Most I've seen, an ounce and a half of this horrible weed.
    Most i've bought, the ounce 1/2 of shit.
  9. Imo, this thread will be popular. :rolleyes: Im very curious to what the seasoned tokers say;)

  10. how did that mail thing work out? do you live in the states? please give me sum links!!
  11. Most i've seen is like... 20 kg bricks... so.. like 44 lbs.

    Most i've purchased is a few kgs. Enough to share... :cool:
  12. Like a eighth.
  13. Nice tags.

    Most I've seen is between a half-ounce and an ounce but I didn't really get to look at it.

    Most I've bought is whatever I got for $30.
  14. most seen. a pound of dank
    most possessed. a qp of dank
  15. A quarter. I buy dank and small.
  16. The most I've seen is a shit load...like 6-7lbs from my old dealer who I stopped fucking with when I discovered nugs in college. He had some good mids though light green totally worth the 30qtr he sold it for.

    The most I've bought was quarter pounds back when I was in my dumb high school I'm gonna sell weed stage....it didn't make me a lot of money just allowed me to by my first cheap ass 1,000dollar 1992 toyota camry. That I no longer have anymore cus my parents bought me a better 2001 honda accord after I graduated highschool....and got into UAH, on a schloarship for my bass playing.

    The most nugs I've seen is an ounce cause thats the increments my dealer back at UAH buys it in.
  17. purchased a whole 1/2 gram for 420, boy that did me swell.
  18. How much that run ya?

    Main i cant wait for the days i can get paper to cop that.
  19. only $30, i put in a 4 hour shift to cover it and get blitzed afterwards for like an hour but i ate directly afterwards and didn't feel much for long. I think he called it purple rhino pineapple express x train wreck sound familiar?
  20. our class took a field trip to a police station. they just had a HUGE drug bust and there were like 8 full trashbags of weed. this was when i was 8 though.

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