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    Grown inside until mature placed in 5 gallon june 25th and put outdoors, went through transplant shock and exposure, still growing fast and lots of new growth but im lacking some thing and i also lack ability figure out what that is.

    In ETI's greenhouse gold super soil, only watering with rain water and ph fixed to 6.4, used 4-4-4 organic fertilzer and rotten fish mix with water, also put a rotten banana in bottom of the bucket before i done transplant dont know if im over watering or under watering.. Plenty of drainage in the bucket.. I wonder if she still just havin a rough time with the elements (the lame looking stems are from previous LST and light cropping)- also i might add she is showing pre flowers and hairs since 3 days ago*

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  2. Flush with 3 times the pot volume with air temp ph'ed water
    allow to recover overnight to continue on the morning
    last flush add calmag..avoid mixing crap into that shitty soil
    better to find a qualty soil and add 25% perlite

    either way the margins are very tight here thanks to the bananas

    good luck
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  3. Thanks for the help man!- If ur still around hhaha could u tell me if this is a male 20190713_103844.jpg ?

  4. Thanks for the help man!- If ur still around hhaha could u tell me if this is a male View attachment 2645556 ?
  5. My internet is fucked.
  6. I suggest theirs a 75% chance its Male, but the pic is blurry

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  7. you should fill that 5 gallon pot all the way up looks like you have about 3 gallons of soil in there
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  8. Sick or not. It still grew Thanks for ur help!

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