What's the issue here!?!?!

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  1. I have had an issue with my girlfriends plants. This is the second batch of plants that started doing this can someone please help!?!?! 20190828_193424.jpg 20190828_193430.jpg 20190828_193433.jpg 20190828_193437.jpg 20190828_193441.jpg 20190828_193444.jpg

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  2. Hey bud,

    It appears to me that you may have a little pest called "thrips" judging by the silverish swirly lines in the leaves. Thrips suck the chlorophyll right out them leaves and they can be a real b*tch!! I would go to the hydro store if I were you and grab any product that has "spinosad" in it. Something like captain jaclsJ for example. Hit em with that once a week and make sure to get under the leaves and all around the container and those bas*ards should piss off

  3. Side note- the curling of the leaves appears to be a heat problem so I would dim the lights a bit or add a fan in the room of both possible. Other than that the new growth on top looks great!! I just zoomed in and notcied that. As long as your new growth on the very top is looking better that's always a reason to smile
  4. I would give it some calmag.
    Foliar feed at first and then water into soil
    What are you growing in?
  5. Not a cal mag issue at all lmao don't spread false information
  6. Looks as if it's pests of some sort....and MAYBE a heat and/or light stress
  7. Exactly what I said
  8. And.......?
  9. I was agreeing with you...?
  10. :lmafoe:That's what I was thinking when you replied with "exactly what I said"
  11. It was my opinion. He can take it or leave it. I dont think its a bug issue. I had the same looking problem and fixed it with calmag. You could always suck a fucking dick?
    I dunno
    If you ask me wouldnt he be able to see the bugs?
    Thanks motherfcker.
  12. Looks like a combination of heat or light stress and for sure photo 3 shows pests most likely thrips like someone said before. In photo 4 you can clearly see the pests have eaten the leaves.. Turn leaves over and look at them with a scope or magnifying glass. If you don't see bugs I would be very surprised.
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