What's the Highest you've ever been?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by some1whoisntme, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. For Not me, it was Not me and my 2 friends Bobby and Johnny('Not real names of course) they had about 5g's total out and theyre doing it out of a apple. After 2 g's Johnny is smart and taps out. Not Me and Bobby, they decide to finish it all at around 4 g's they didn't even know if they were even sucking in smoke anymore or just had there mouth on the hole of the apple and after they've finished Not Me got up and his legs were shaking and everything was shaking going in a clockwise direction and could barley walk, he barley makes it to the couch and falls down and doesn't remember a thing after that.
  2. I'm NOT impressed NOT YOU smoked 5gs out of an apple.
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  3. Pipes are so cheap. Apple is for emergencies only.
  4. 4 blunts last night and had some cold ones still high rn can't feel my hangover. Bought weed from money I made by weeding. Fuck yea

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  5. Op what's the highest you've been?
  6. Are we talking about weed only? Cause I've been high out of my mind on other stuff
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  7. weed....The first time I dabbed it was at a 420 event and I greened out lol.
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    GTA V was released in 2013 your story says you were 13 years old ...that makes you 16 - 17 years old at the most...
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  9. Damn kids always dry snitching on themselves...
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  10. Pretty soon your gonna see 6 year Olds on here all like.
    "Yeah so me and my boys rolled a blunt, smoked it.
    We were chillin in our bean bags watching Dora the Explorer when mom walks in all hysterical.
    I stand, grab my blunt in my right hand ,Sippy cup in the left.
    I take a drag and blow the smoke all in her torso because I'm 3 feet tall. I then proceed to tell her to put the PB&J sandwiches on my Spider-Man nightstand and fuck off.
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  11. Got this homegrown God's Gift and was on a super high intense stream of a stoner fantasy for 36 hours. The first bowl I packed lasted 12 hours so I just kept spacing hits about an hour apart and between 3 deep dish style bowl packs I saw the sun rise twice without falling asleep.

    The more I kept smoking I was convinced my taste buds knew the exact terpene profile of the flower, a Goji berry found in like Tibet up on a mountain where a monk had soil tilled with secret ancient dragon knowledge. I was kinda lit :smoking:
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  12. One time, me and my brother smoked a whole ounce of Grandaddy Purp in one night. Holy shit I was faded. We hotboxed my room with my cat too. He loves getting high man. And Doritos. But yeah I was laying in my bed and was just really fucking high man. I'm pretty high rn off this gorilla glue. Hella sticky yo, and hella faded. Smells like a citrus mmmm.

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  13. I was at a memorial for a friend who'd recently passed.
    There was so much weed.
    I was so high I was in a near catatonic state and consciously thought "Am I going to die?"

    Another time I ate a whole brownie instead of just half.
    Ate it on friday afternoon and I couldn't make sentences until sunday evening.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Dry ice hash.. Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    Coconut oil, Lecithin, Heat 220 F for 20 minutes..
    Fill caps.. Take caps.. See G.O.D.
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  15. I went to a session at my girlfriends friends house. Very nice house, large back yard with lots of trees and green grass. We all sat in the back at the round table and started smoking a bong. I was still relatively new to smoking so I was a bit nervous because this was my first official session. I brought weed and snacks so I felt like I belonged. Anyways, I forget what the occasion was, but they all busted out their grinders and said they were gonna pack up bowls of kief and pass it around. I had never smoked kief so I was excited. We pass around a few times, and at first I don't notice any notable difference in my high, until I looked at the wooden fence across the yard. my mind was seeing it super zoomed in, and almost like a light from a stage was shining on this particular spot on the fence. There was some sort of play going on with the leaves of the bush and a squirrel that was nearby. I was fucking baked. We finish up and go inside (I'm destroyed, but happy) and start watching some movie. The movie was fucking amazing and I swore it was the best thing I had ever watched. Hours pass and I was just absolutely gone. Next day I google the movie and watch it again (it was on netflix at the time) and it was absolutely horrible lol. Just a really stupid movie.

  16. Wow thats pretty cool.

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