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Whats the highest youve ever been?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by krunchy_taco, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Personally, I've never gotten that high off weed. I only get stoned, even after smoking a whole eighth. I've tried edibles because I heard it's more potent and it gets you higher depending on how much you eat, but for some reason edibles don't affect me.

  2. most stoned I ever was was the first time I got high, I smoked a blunt of some weed my friend got from a homeless person he knew and it sent me to the fucking MOON. Since then, the highest was the first time I dabbed, I took I think 4 fat dabs and was just wrecked. 
  3. When I experimented with firecrackers a few days ago. I couldn't control anything and I felt as if I were watching a TV Show.
  4. Halloween 2011. I was on another planet
  5. there has never been just one instance of me getting the 'highest'. i get mad high all the fuckin time.
    if you arent getting ripped why do you smoke lol.
  6. Highest I've been was my first time. I was so loud and annoying. Thing is, I haven't been able to get high from then on. No matter how many joints I smoke or how many bowls I go through, I can't seem to get "really high".
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    lets see, i've been too high a couple of times and threw up, but that could have been because of lack of food in my stomach, plus smoking cigs/hookah. that'll mess me up.
    but once i decided to get baked while i was baking some eggplant parm and by the time it was finished i was too high to eat it. i got hella nauseous and had to lie down and fell asleep. i ate my food once i recovered.
    ahahaaha i found out about firecrackers from this sight, so my friends and i decided to make some - except we had plenty, so we made a 'double decker'; cracker, hash, cracker, baked weed, cracker. 
    we ate it at around 3:30-4, and as cliche as this may sound, i was tripping complete and utter balls until maybe 11, 12. Needles to say all our parents knew we were high regardless of the deo and eyedrops we used.

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