What's the Highest you've ever been?

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  1. To start off, I just joined this site and I'm pretty sure its in the right forum and everything.. if not, let me know or whatever.

    I'm wondering what is the highest you've ever been? How much did you smoke? What did you feel like? What were you doing/did you do?

    For me, it was this one time when my friend was having a party with a bunch of people. I hadn't smoked for about 3 weeks which sucked. My tolerance had gone way down, and we brought out his vaporizer. Did some keef out of it and I took about 15 hits. It was hella crazy, I was feeling it after the first hit haha. After all the hits I just kinda sat there probably dozing off (don't really remember the whole thing) and was basically just mute for like 4 or 5 hours. It was an odd feeling, I really just wanted to be alone but I was with all these people. I just sat down for the longest time, completely silent except for when some friends decided to talk to me. I told the rents I was spending the night, but then it turned out I had to go home at like midnight for whatever reason. When I got dropped off, I walked up my driveway and took a while to text them that I had just got home. The, I got the hide-a-key, and I swear it took me at least 5 minutes to unlock the door before going in, feasting and watching Mac and Devin go to High School. I fell asleep in the middle of it.

    Post your crazy stories here!

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