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Whats the highest youve ever been? What type of things did you do or see?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DerviceStoned54, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. How was the overall experience ?
  2. when i first started out smoking i would over do it with my friends and get so high that i could just smile and laugh. Now days im a professional getting even higher than before is just something that constantly happens.
  3. The highest I've ever been was when I HONESTLY saw my little sisters toys and dolls talking to me. I was so freaked out, she thought I was crazy I was talking back to the damn dolls!
  4. Ive never seen anything that wasnt there while on marijuana alone. That being said, i have laughed at things that werent there for hours while on marijuana alone.
  5. ok no your just dumb you cant see shit on weed unless your eyes are closed
  6. 2nd or 3rd time i had edibles, my gf at the time made potato soup, with cannibutter, made from like an ounce of some high mids...

    we were driving to a nearby town to see some friends, and i literally, stopped the car, got out, and looked around confused.. i had completely forgot what i was doing/where i was going, and the road didnt look familiar... it was nuts!
  7. THATS WHATS UP. after 2 wake and bake joints in the middle of talking to someone about a girl named claire i was like wtf who is claire? i literally dont know anyone at school what that name. hah

  8. Dude are you sure that was weed ? It's was probably laced
  9. I ended up in times square with no recollection of what went on the past 4 hours. Someone random was talking to me and apparently i started the conversation. That purple haze fucks you up. :smoke:
  10. late at night when i was smoking some fuckin fire out a shitty 1hitter i hit it once and blacked out, fucking fell to the ground. For about 10 seconds i was on the ground blacked out scared as shit.:smoking:

  11. my grandmas name is claire btw
  12. highest I've ever been is every time I had in-school suspension.
  13. Highest on herbal incense I started seeing things in like 4d cartoon mode and my friend was like human duck hybrid it was crazy. I kept on asking him to take me to the hospital.

    On real herb once I just kept on talking about how fucked up I was saying shit like "man, I'm high as fuck" while we were in this gas station cause I forgot it was illegal or something and my friends made me wait in the car...
  14. Probably the first time I tried an edible. Got two brownies with about 1.25g of mango kush in each one. All my friends ate half of one, I ate both. They were going crazy on just 1/4 of what I ate. So I decided to camp the bong haha. Apparently I pulled my hood over my head and just listened to music for hours while making odd noises and shaking back and forth.. Then I tried to pay attention to the movie (black dynamite) and could not follow it even though it is the most retarted movie ever. I didn't even remember how I ended up where I was the next morning and was still buzzed. Closest to tripping on weed I've ever been
  15. one time when i first started smoking i was so high i couldnt sit up. i was getting blasted by waves of highness that litterally felt like waves of pressure hitting me. i was having colors flashing in the corner of my vision. really fucked up haha
  16. I got so baked once with my friends at some forest... We spent 3 hours trying to find a way out because we had the munchies, when we finally found are way out we bought loads of food... Went back to the forest and completely lost track of time. We smoked again some sour d and northern lights which left us so confused I felt like I was in a new world... We tried to find are way out again but we couldn't this time, so we gave up and smoked again 5 hours later my sister found us passed out she was walking her dog . The forest was right next to my house smh I was to high to remember.
  17. not the first time smoking but the first time i tried dank. got a quarter of train wreck for 85 bucks (wish i could still get that!) sat in my car with my 3 friends and laughed at laughing for about 30min. then we went to red robin and i cried because my burger was so fucking good.

  18. Dude Lmao, my friend moaned when I mention let's go to McDonald's

    Trainwreck is hard to come by where I live I only smoked it twice ):
  19. I dont think anything out of the ordinary really happens to me... Usually I just cant handle things when I am gone... Like one time i got hella high and was watching Hot Tub Time Machine with my friends and just couldnt handle the scene where the doors open all magical to show the hot tub... Could not stop laughing... And I get crazy ideas...
  20. moaning for McDonald thats hilarious hahaha

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