What's the highest you've ever been? Include a Story.

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  1. Wow nice! That's funny - my highest was my second time too, it was also northern lights. A big fat joint really nicely rolled, with one other person. Right after it....:smoking:.... A slight throat ache, everything was SUPER slow-motion, feeling extremely wavy, body buzzzzzz, super cotton mouth, watched tv, muchned out, played xbox, still was slowww motionnnn movement and sound, could not stop smiling. That was an awesome one.

    Novice smokers are lucky! =(

  2. Perhaps that was the smoke from burning enchiladas :p
  3. ^^^^^^this effin guy! hahah
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    i smoked a lot bong rips (dont remember how many) of headband for like my third time ever smokin. we were just sitting there chillin, and after a couple hits i already felt high, we kept passin the bong and now i was blown but i still ripped it. since i was so high already, when i was rippin it i took such a big hit cause i was just watchin the smoke pour in, they were like wtf and i just said sorry and laughed. since i play the piano my friends told me to go play. i sat on the bench and statred to play, i was getting so into it i fell forward on the bench and hit my head on the wall behind the electic keyboard. then i started to play again and while i was playin it seemed like everyone was whispering really loudly, idk it was weird then it felt like i was in a dream trance and i couldnt look at peoples faces, kinda blurry visson, sorta like i was focused on somthing beyond what i was lookin at. i couldnt walk very good and it took me a while to get around his foosball table, so many poles sticking out of it lol. we left the house and on our way out he said shut the basement doors, so i said alright, but i just looked at them and couldnt figure it out (just nromal doors) so i just left. we got in the car and i couldnt buckle my seat bealt idk why lol, riding in the car felt like i was in a movie. then when i got home i just went straight to the couch and fell asleep
  5. Highest I've ever been was a couple hours ago (in still pretty baked) but it was me two friends and my friends brother
    So they came and picked me up and we drove to a parking lot in the park he pulled out a new glass bong and we matched a bunch if bowls I had blue dream and white Russian I dont know what he had but I was so high I saw patterns when I closed my eyes and I found the best munchies food
    Cheez- it's dipped in nutela
  6. Holy shit I just got even higher I was with my friend and his brother (the same people as last time) and it was my first time smoking hash from the club plus 2 grams of aghan kush I'm still baked needles to say I was so fucked up
  7. This thread is a couple months old, but I didn't want to start a new discussion for this story.

    Last night was the HIGHEST I have ever been.

    Me and some friends were playing Kings, but I'm not much for drinking so I just toked instead. I packed my bowl to the absolute brim with some good shit, freshly ground up, then went about taking my tokes every time I lost a round or broke a rule. After about six or seven big hits of the good shit, I was then too far gone to keep playing the game. I sat in a chair and spaced for what seemed like hours, though my friends told me it was just a few seconds.

    Suddenly, the world tilted and shifted into a crazy blur of all the images around me and I felt myself falling into it. That's when I realized I was falling off the chair and I caught myself just in time. I looked at my friends before me, feeling very much like we were in a sitcom or some other kind of TV show. Everything looked a bit cartoonish and all the edges had softened. Everything looked soft and bleary.

    I had absolutely no short-term memory at that point. I thought we were in that room for hours and hours. At one point I drifted so far in my mind that when I came back I was sure I hadn't been in that room for the previous ten minutes. I couldn't answer simple questions and didn't know what my friends wanted from me.

    At some point one of my friends was like, "You drew this card so you gotta make a rule now." I was horrified at that sort of responsibility, so I said, "I'm not ready to lead a team like that." My friends laughed so hard.

    I was starting to freak out a little at how disoriented I was but after a little bit the high came down and I was able to manage myself again.

    Anyway, insane experience, smoked way too fucking much at once and became someone else for a little while.

  8. Hahaha, that part made me laugh pretty hard.

    Sounds like the highs I always experienced when I first started smoking. For about the first 2 or 3 months of smoking I would have highs similar to that.
  9. One time me and my two best friends were so fucking blazed that we couldn't even order McDonald's. We were in the drive-thru, and I was trying to find what kind of snack wraps they had, but I just could. not. find. it!! I tried asking them "what kind of snack wraps do you have?" but instead what came out of my mouth was "HOWW--" and an attack of the giggles. We were practically screaming we were laughing so hard, and zoomed right through the drive-thru without ordering anything. We were pretty embarrassed, but mostly amused as hell.
  10. [quote name='"chronicluv4peac"']the most fucked up ive been is when i ate half an oz of pizza toppings that shit was crazy and changed my life[/quote]

    Same here broski except I ate pieces of paper.
  11. not very funny but vaped some blue dream, stood there starring at my bed pondering the best way to hop in. took me the length of half the new b.o.b mix tape to realize what i was doing
  12. most high ive ever been was when i took a taquito and tried to light it cause i thought it was a blunt... Nuff said :smoke:

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