whats the highest thing you've ever said?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Chubnugget, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. I once went into a pizza parlor with my friends and i asked them what species of pizza was their favourite but they didn't answer so i ordered two large medium pizzas...
    I was really high.
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  2. My friends have a place in our discord server just to quote stupid things, they rly like catching me when I'm stoned. Here a few:
    "You don't have to english as long as you understand... the words"
    "As opposed to saying words that are actually words"
    "[eyebrows] are pretty close to your imagination." (I wasn't actually high for this one but it fits)
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  3. I just done some seedstockers ak420 and the shit was like truth serum. Just couldn’t shut up on it lol
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  4. i was sitting next to my mom high as hell and spoke my thought out loud and said, “How long is this shit going to last for?” She said, “who the hell are you talking to” and gave me the “I gave birth to a crackhead” look

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  5. "I am NOT drinking any fucking merlot!"
  6. My friend was cooking and he said to me I'm using fresh water salt. I believed him until he stopped laughing and said there's no such thing. I was super stoned.
  7. [​IMG]
    Still new to English and very stoned I shouted to the guy in the shop

    'How much for the penis's in the window?"

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