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What's the high like for edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Alex1646, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Is it better then smoking?
  2. It is said to be stronger and longer. But some people say its not worth it. If you have only a few g's I'd say just smoke
  3. for me its like a major traquilizer/opiod buzz. very enjoyable. great for pain issues

    please help. I don't know how I get into these situations

  4. Can't say if it is better or worse since this depends on personal preference. In my opinion, edibles are nice and definitely worth making.

    The high is a little different, for me it gives me a greater sense of wellbeing than when i vape/smoke. Probably because the bodyhigh is a little more noticeable. But it's not like you are taking another drug, its still cannabis..

    Give it a try so you can find out for yourself. Just get 0.5-1g of bud (depending on your tolerance), grind it, decarb it, melt a little bit of butter to a low, loooow simmer, add the decarbed weed and let it simmer for about an hour. Then strain the weed, eat the butter on some toast or mix it with something and make up your own mind.
  5. I made some pretty good firecrackers for a concert. I was pretty wobbly and nervous about the crowd being rough when the music started, but it was alright. Lasted a couple hours, really intense body feeling. Like, I wasn't really there. Didn't really have any stoned thoughts, vision was mostly the same, though I "felt" the changes in light in me lol, tough to describe. Like someone else said, it's the same stuff, still gets you high. I ate another one after the show, laid down and just floated off to sleep.
  6. Edibles are nice because the high can last for a long time (6-12 hours or more). It gives me a nice relaxing body high. They are perfect for when I want to go out with friends or to a show and want to be baked the whole time. The downsides: The high takes a good 45 minutes to over an hour to start taking effect. If you have too much, the high will take a long time to die down and your stuck being super high.
  7. Personally I like to smoke but edibles are nice
    The high can depend on a lot of different things like
    The quality & quantity of herb use & how much you eat / Full or empty stomach / Tolerance etc.
    Can be anywhere from a mild body high to Just Right to couch locked drooling on yourself / LOL

    I get these 1 1/2gr brownies from a shop that 1/2 to 3/4 of gets the job done / Full one MUSHROOM High
    They're jamming for only two bux a pop

    Best way to find out is to try some
    Just remember it might take a good hour or two to fully hit you

  8. 10 times better than smoking I'll tell you back
  9. Edibles are bomb. but here is the thing. if you eat too much you can get panicky.
    The high can be pretty intense. Since when you eat it, all of it goes in your bloood stream. Me and 2 other friends had some brownies from a mmj store. And jesus man it was sooo strong. Ive been smoking for like 15yrs and this shit was really kicking my ass.

    But the next day I ate only half of one and I felt great! I cleaned the garage was all over the house getting shit done. but it was fun..

    So yeah it is better in a way than smoking. But depending on your tolerance, you need to find a sweet spot.
  10. If good quality bud is used the high is awesome, no smell in your car, no one pays any attention to someone eating a brownie in public or on a plane.

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