Whats the Health risk?

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  1. Hey guys i have been wondering if there are any health risks from smoking out of pieces that are exactly the same to the second home made bong in the following link:
    Are you smoking plastic in this way??
    used one for like six months a few rips each day and now i have been panicking!

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    I guess there is a chance you could be smoking plastic from the metal bowl and/or the lighter heating up the plastic pen part, but as long as it doesn't get too hot it shouldn't be a problem. I really recommend investing in a glass piece though, you can get one for a good price and it'll last you a while, and best of all, you don't have to worry about smoking plastic lol.
  3. Haven't you heard of reefer madness.  Smoking marijuana will kill you.
  4. Thank you my friend! put my mind at eeeaase:) 
    If you mean reefer madness as getting so baked you can't feel your hands then I'm feeling it right noooow!!!!
  6. Good god almighty the plastic will heat up and melt and you will be inhaling melted plastic. Avoid that website at all costs.
  7. Foil and plastic water bottles? What could be unhealthy about that?
  8. I think you are fine

    Just aim the lighter for the very center as not hit the plastic lip under the foil

    Ohhh, and small hits. Do not hold the lighter there for any length of time


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