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Whats the hardest you've ever tripped out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DeepHits, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. So whats the highest you've ever been? What physical effects did you experience?

    I've been smoking everyday anywhere from a few j's a day to a few bowls every couple hours, categorizing me as a 'chronic smoker'. Anyways, my friend and i were on the freeway And decided to spark a blunt and joint of medical grade marijuana, we passed them back and forth until both of which were roaches then we proceeded to pack the roaches into a small bowl, sometime after, probably 10 minutes or so passed when i had to pull over because i was seeing in delayed frames, and just completely fried, when i spoke i echoed in my head and a simple sound like sirens were misinterpreted as a song or an animal, just silly stuff really, also i was unable to form a coherent sentence although i was 100% aware in my head saying to myself let it pass, relax. I was not scared, just very very uncomfortable lol, the first time this has happened to me and i'v smoked wayy more. Has anyone else experienced such trips?
  2. I sat on the couch and blew through a bag of Cheetos while watching a movie...Which is fuckin' weird cause I don't really care for Cheetos.:cool:
  3. Lost half a blunt and drove home. Asked to have plate of leftovers and passed out before it was done.

    I still don't know where that blunt is or how I got home.
  4. When I burned 1lb @@

  5. As much as i'd like to believe you i am under the illusion your throat/lungs would absolutely fucking kill smoking anywhere near that amount..
  6. haha me and my friend bought a vape when we were new to smoking. we proceeded to hit that shit like 50 times each and i put on COD mw2 and put the sensitivity at 10 then spun around in circles as fast as i could. i thought the killcams were funny as hell id ust be spinning and people would like stop at watch us the just knife me
  7. I don't really trip out when im high...I have had moments where sometimes my eyes just decide to become hard to control and I was looking at my friends ping pong table and the lines on it became 3d, I felt like I could just grab the lines and pull them off the table.
  8. Usually when I get really high I can close my eyes and It'll feel like i'm moving/falling REALLY fast and it just keeps feeling faster and faster until It almost feels like I'm going the speed of light and I have to pop my eyes open to avoid my brain exploding.

    This was scary as hell at first, but now It's like a roller coaster ride in my beanbag chair.
  9. when i burned a ton in my backyard with some friends. biggest blunt i've ever smoked!
  10. I faceplanted the snow and got straight back up :D

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