whats the hardest shit you've tried?

Discussion in 'General' started by oldmantestes, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. whats the most dangerous/hardcore singular drug, or combination of drugs you've tried/done?
  2. Probably DXM, I don't do many drugs.
  3. I snorted cocaine through my but once, that count? It burned

    "I don't do drugs, just weed!"
  4. acid, love the stuff.

  5. wtf??
  6. PCP, a joint laced with.
  7. nice speedball of heroin and crack.......not a high point in my life

  8. me too, i have to say weed is my fav, with acid coming in at a close second!

    btw girly is that u in your avatar? if so ur hot, if not way to go u picked a hotty for your avatar :D

  9. either acid or 5 MeO-DMT

  10. I've always wondered that, too.
  11. ditto x2

    I haven't done many drugs.. I don't want to. I guess you could say.. haha. opium? maybe some pill.. I don't know.. nvm.
  12. when i made the first post, i had done 5 methoxy once. i did it again about 3 hours ago and it was nuts. i was completely disassociated with my body, but i could look around and talk. moving was out of the question though.

    that shit is crazy good. i highly recommend it.

    ps - according to erowid, it is still legal, but i don't know how true that is. within the last year i know that AMT was criminalized and 5MeO-DMT is the same type of research chem... maybe it is legal, maybe it isn't? its fun :)
  13. Weed, Shrooms,Extacy(had cocane, meth, caffine, Mdma, god only knows what else)

    have to say I love pot and shrooms,

    Extacy was an awsome 1 or 2 time drug, I couldn't do it on a regular basis, its the greatest feeling but man when you come down you feel like shit, don't wanna eat for like a few days, I bit the hell outta my mouth and cut my gums and tounge up, I also stayed up from 10am the first day , did ex at like 8PM the same day,and didn't go to sleep until 10PM the next day. ( so that was ex in a nutshell for me)
    BTW: I took a pymird and a superman.
  14. wow, i hope you are being serious, anyways......pot, shrooms, coke, lots of opiate pills, ketamine. The ketamine was dumb, all the rest I liked.
  15. lsd is the most powerful drug I've taken, but I swear I've been more messed up off an alcohol/weed combo many times.
  16. all I have done is weed and painkillers and DXM... I like all of them.. I want to try ecstacy and shrooms... everyone who does them that I know tells me they are awesome... andy reccommendations?
  17. i have wondered about your avatar too...
    hoootttttt :p
  18. glass. and i've taken like 13 benadryl and tripped balls. that was before i realized the dangers of drugs. i was quite young at the time. i'm down for trying any drug once after i do my research about it. but weed's my favorite. uppers aren't quite my thing, but downers are. booze and pot!
  19. the worst drug I've ever done is air freshener. All I have to say is: ewwww! It made me want to throw up, it gave me a killer headache, god only knows what kind of damage it caused my brain and lungs, and the high only lasted a couple minutes!
    Inhalants have GOT to be the stupidest drug ever.

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