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What's the future for the US?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. If you've watched the news, read a newspaper, looked online, you've realized how shitty the economy for the world is. I live in the US, and have seen how the Dow went down 630 points today. It seems like everywhere is going to the shits lately. What's the future for the US? But more importantly, what is the future of the world? It's fucking depressing to think about the future. Thank science, I've got mary jane as a friend though :smoke:.
  2. If everyone just grew weed the world would be more peaceful and productive.
  3. Everything will get better it always does. People need to stop freaking out.
  4. If only, if only
  5. imo we need to stop worrying about satisfying the rest of the world when we are in such a big debt. We cant afford to be sending out trillions of dollars over seas to help other countries when we are losing money here.
  6. I'm not freaking out..BUT if you've not felt any effect from this horrible economy, good for you. A lot of people have though.
  7. tha real chip? :p

    But i agree.
  8. You know those ruins from the Roman empire? We'll have a lot more of them is all. I imagine old skyscrapers will be dismantled for the hardware. We might just become dust too if someone ever gets the balls to nuke the hell out of us. Pretty soon the world will move on to overpopulating and industrialising Africa as far as the world goes, I imagine.
  9. Yeah I agree also. The government is so fucked up. I think we'll soon be realizing we aren't as mighty as we think we are. We definitely need to quit getting involved in everything that happens in the world.
  10. Welcome to the United Republic of the People of China...
    China calls for new global reserve currency

    But seriously, we are going the route of the Romans. Spread our military too thin across the world, can't afford to keep them there but we still do it to protect our fellow humans aka investments. Read "The Fall of the Roman Empire", it's astonishing how similar it is to our current situation.

  11. I think the rest of the world should worry more about our internal demise, than we should worry about the rest of the world trying to destroy us.

    They say a wounded animal or a hungry one is the most dangerous. Some of the greatest wars in man kinds history have been related to a powerful nation dwindling, and having to go to war to restore it's way of living.
    Rome expanded because of debts and growing populations needing food. It conquered spain, france, the mediterranean, because the Roman state could no longer support its self.

    The united states has the largest and most powerful army the world has ever known. I dont think it would ever happen, but I would hate to see our military completely unleashed on the world in a complete outright colonization campaign. Obviously people can/will say The United States already does this now. And to some degree I will agree. But not since the times of the Native Americans has the united states completely whiped out a peoples for their resources.

    The united states is a democracy, so it's hard to say something like that would ever happen. But if a couple million people died in america from starvation and famine? If our country plunged into another decade long depression? Well that would be a scary scenario, and not just for United states, but the entire world.

    What I think most likely will happen is the world will go back to a natural power equilibrium. America will recover, things will get better. We'll still be a super power, but we wont be the only super power. And that's probably for the better. It's time for the United States to stop trying to be the police force of the world.
  12. I pretty much agree with you on that first part. The rest, I don't want to get into. And why dies everyone think the US is a democracy. It certainly isn't. It's at most somewhat democratic in nature, but not 'a democracy' by any means.
  13. fuck china!
  14. Also I think it would be awesome if we stopped buying anything from China, and watched their economy turn to death, then pay them their debts back :p.
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    All of us in the USA will either learn how to live without driving to our mailboxes, or the whole worlds fucked. My 2 cents. Meh, those of us that are survivors will do just fine either way. Its ya'll pussies I'm worried about (ya'll know who you are) lol jk.

    Edit...more serious answer. I think the US and China are both heading bad directions. I also think that this "recession" will continue to get worse and later, maybe 10 years from now, be referred to as a depression. All I know for sure is that when the Republicans get a chance, we'll start another new war, and we'll use that to jump start the economy just like in the past. Maybe some new Nazi's will sprout up outta mass graveyards and we'll all have to go to war! Omg wouldn't that be fun guys? Killing nazi zombies?! OMG LOLLLLLL im so high..

  16. fine, the united states is a representative republic to be more specific.

    But America, and the people in general considers itself a democratic society.
  17. if people find the united states fucked up enough as it is, they should realize it's because of what the government does without any real consideration. would love to fucking smoke weed every day for the rest of my life if it were legal!
  18. #18 Verdurous, Aug 9, 2011
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    It's a constitutional republic....


  19. LOL the united states was started as a constitutional republic, but it's not now.

    We are ruled by our rulers, ruled by our representatives.

    When they trample all over the constitution, choosing to adhere to it at times and others not to, when presidents claim that the constitution is just a piece of paper... well it seems pretty simple we are no longer ruled by the Constitution, but by our Representatives.
  20. #20 Verdurous, Aug 9, 2011
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    Oh good lord. Take your opinions and GTFO. :rolleyes: I mean seriously? At least back up your claim with valid forms of government to discuss or some valid sources. I could see the US as being described as a plutarchy, but you're just rambling a bunch of opinionated nonsense so far.

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