Whats the funniest, craziest time youve had.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pawbear, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Just starting a thread about how crazy of a night you have had.

    Well i think the funniest and dumbest thing ever happended to me like an hour ago. My friend comes over. and i just got a bunch of bud. so we spark up and we are blazed as shit. and were just chilling around the house. and we get this awesome idea to go to subway and get food, gatorade and some other bull shit that we put on this huge mental list. so we cruise up to subway and get our shit. and were heading back to my house. granted this takes like 30 mins for a 10 min drive lol. and we pull into my drive. and im like who the fuck is here. because there is this car chilling in my driveway. so im pissed and kinda scared that someone is gana get into my shit.

    So we pull in the garage and i grab a bat and im like freaking out and pissed. so i go walking in the house and im searching all over looking for some little shit or something and i dont find anyone. or anything out of place or nothing.

    Then my bud looks at me with this stuipd ass face and is like "Shit dude, thats my loaner car" he got one of those loaner cars because his had a recall. i was like so pissed i wanted to punch him. but at the same time i was superbly relived. so we just blunt up and have a good time the rest of the day.

    pretty funny story imo.

    Anyone got anything?

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