Whats the fuck is the point...

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  1. of having a fucking cell phone, if you don't even fuckin turn it on when you leave the house. Welp, there goes my money for the weekend, unless my dad magically gets home in the next 10 minutes, which he won't.

    You know when you shit, and your shit floats down the toilet, that's my life.
  2. atleast your a floater
  3. I tried to think of an upside for ya..nothing came to me. Your right..shit sucks.
  4. Wait I don't get it? Did you forget your allowance or something
  5. This looks like something id see on facebook.

  6. Speaking of facebook, I'm addicted to that mafia wars shit. :(
  7. You don't have any money of your own :confused:
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    I remember having this issue when I was 5.
    Get a job!
  9. Better then playing that farmville shit
  10. Waahhh, wahhh, little dependant baby cries when his weekly week allowance is late.

    I think that sounds nastier than i meant it to, but whatever.
  11. How would you pick up Cannabis without a cell? ?

  12. Yeah I guess.
  13. Games on Facebook are a waste of time---except for Farkle...no that's a waste too.

    I don't really understand how the OP's whining about not having a cell-phone on has anything to do with money.

    I DO hate it though when people have a Cell and it's never turned on (like my Mother) or they turn it off at home. That's just fucking stupid. TUrn it on, leave it on. Recharge it when necessary.
  14. You're using your parents money to buy shit? I'm guessing weed?


    Haha ok.
  15. I wish my parents would buy me weed.
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    Nah sorry it's not my allowance, it's something of mine that he had, that I needed to get somewhere to sell by a certain time, and he knew this, but dicked around til the last minute, but I got there just in time.

    Get a job? Ha, yeah, thats really easy to do right now, there just signing more and more unemployment extensions for the hell of it in PA right now. I'm on UC, but basically all of it goes to paying fines/bills, and without a license, it's hard to find a job you can get to, and when everyone you can get to by your own means if you don't got a ride (theres really no public transportation here, I don't live in a city) then your not gonna keep that job very long. Well, that's if they'd hire me, which none of them have.

    Oh, and for the mentally retarded. He has a cell phone, but doesn't turn it on for some fuckin reason when he goes out, he only turns it on if he wants to make a call. Which is fucking pointless, what if there was a major emergency and I needed to get ahold of him.

    edit: how could you even think this could be an allowance using any logic. I said "there goes my money for the weekend". If I was getting an allowance, I'd be getting it sometime, there wouldn't be a time line to be on it now would there, I'd just wait until he got home. Sometimes I wonder wtf some people are really smoking.
  17. simple its called paperweight mode :smoking:
  18. Awww I see....was your dad holding onto your QP? I think I know why his cell is off! GET HIM!!

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