Whats The First Thing You Would Do With A Time Machine

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  1. id win the 500 million dollar lottery.  but for you creative fucks.  whats the first thing you would do?

  2. I would go back to the days of Christ. On the day of his acension, I would hold his hand and make him take me with him.
  3. I would go way way back, kill one butterfly, then return to see if that shits true or not.
  4. what if you arrived and he wasn't real? now that would be a disappointment 
  5. Yeah but then I would know the truth. I would go back to the future and I would grab all the christian leaders and take them back to Christ with me and let them see the truth.
  6. There's so many things
    First i'd go back to the beginning and see how the world really started how long it took for God to create the world. How beautiful it was before we started destroying it
  7. I'd go back in time and stop myself from inventing it to save our dimension from striking another and making another big bang.
  8. Buy shares in Enron before it went bust, jump forward and cash out all the shares
  9. Go back and time and invent Playboy so that I would be the real Hugh Hefner.  
  10. But then I would destroy it because humans shouldn't have power like that
  11. Id go back as far as written history began and move forward every century from there establishing myself as the supreme ruler of the world everyone 100 years or so. Then when people would research history they would see that it was the same guy through all these different time periods. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, all really just one person. 
  12. I find this question difficult, cuz I figure theres gonna be some sort of issue. whether that be ripping a hole in time/space, or doing something that changes history and screws your time up, creates alternate history timelines or whatever it may be.
    that being said, say no repercussions if you were to do something then leave. I dont know. honestly I might say fuck it, go forward if possible, gain immortality, then go all the way back to the beginning of man, become king of the world, bring forth ever lasting peace through means of destruction of those unwilling to coexist, and just generally be an awesome dude.
    or go watch the beginning of the universe.
  13. I would go back to my childhood and tell myself to live it to the fullest and stop worrying about the future.
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    I'd go back in time, but then this moment of me going back in time could change and not occur. Which could royally fuck me.

    Go back probably around 420 BC and chill with Socrates.
  15. either condition myself and prepare to head back to one of my favourite medieval time periods, or just fix thing in my life, like lost loves, lottery, things i shouldnt of said etc
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    i'd go into the future when weed's legal in the US. Hopefully I'd see the calendar and it be only like 5 years later
  17. i want to see the pyramids during the building process

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