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Whats the first thing you think about...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wk420, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. When you wake up in the morning??
  2. How I'll be medicated later that day and feeling super nice.
  3. The first two things I see are my girlfriend and my Volcano vaporizer, so those are the first two things that pass through my mind.

    The next things to pass through my head are 60+ cannabinoids.
  4. Where in the fuck..?
  5. Honestly, i think about taking a piss lol
  6. Going back to bed.
  7. What do you want us to say? "Getting Stoned" ...
  8. If I work - then it's "I can sleep another 10 minutes."

    If not - "Damn I'm glad I'm off."
  9. If woken up - (Goddamn prick fuck off!) But I say, "who is it?"
  10. usually it's "what do I have to do today" but lately I've been less busy and it's been "bong rip"
  11. First thing I think about is hanging off a nice Sunnyvale fruity lexia cask .
  12. One does not wake up thinking the same thing everyday! Sometimes I wake up and I'm like I want an omelette and the next morning I'll want some french toast! This is madness!
  13. coffee

    actually, i don't know. i'm sure i'm thinking different things every day the first moment i wake up!
  14. I start panicking about the time. The other day (first time I got high) I woke up at 9pm and started freaking out.
  15. Suicide.

    Not as pleasant, but 6 days out of 7 it's the firs thought.
  16. Taking a piss then taking my pills
  17. "Shit... Not again"

  18. ^This. I try to fall back asleep :laughing: :p

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