whats the fastest way to trim your harvest

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  1. i cut off all the big leaves fast but when it comes down to th small ons i get impatient and start snipping the tips instead of the whole leaves. is there a technique you use to trim fast yet thorough?
  2. best advice I've ever learned....after about 10 minutes of trimming it SUCKS....best way is to get a friend,buy some bud,smoke and trim for hours
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  3. trimming is the best part, enjoy it
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  4. haha not when you have days worth of work on your hands and cant even smoke cuz of drug testig
  5. haha well ya the drug testing part would fucking blow but the days of trimming, give me a call
  6. Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect! :smoke:
  7. If you can get acess to a commercial trimmer, that makes things go a lot faster. Plus, looking at your growing trim pile going "hash, hash, hash" helps:)
  8. haha yea sometimes i forget im trimming bud and see the clippings thinking about how much cannabutter im gna get and how many edibles there are to make. but since i cant smoke i bought some spice that shit gets me baked but its just not the same.... mary jannnne i miss you!!:cry:
  9. I quite enjoyed trimming my buds for the first time, it took like 6 hours with 4 of use doing it, but I never stopped even for a beer break, and that is after waking up at like 4am to get my babies out of the woods lol
  10. I'm with dude up there I trimmed for about 4hrs and got burned out so I started lookin at the little nugs going hash hash hash lol so I ended up filling a litter box (unused) and a one gallon bowl of trimmings and buds lol I should have plenty of hash lol
  11. They way your doing it is the fastest, the only way faster is to have additional help. :wave:

    You spent months careing for them ladies and now want to hurry thru the proper care in grooming the ladies so they can be of future enjoyment and entertainment :bongin:

    Send that harvest my way and I will make sure its treated with due respect, I even play cabaret music the whole time I am trimming my ladies :cool:
  12. Trim party!

    participants can keep thier glove & scissor hash :cool:
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  13. Dude that's hillarious. But they would also steal your buds i'm sure.
  14. Trim party is my favorite. Cuts the workload between the people, and gives you someone to converse with, which helps. 6 hours of trimming suddenly becomes 2 hours of smoking and talking.

    I also agree using the lower buds for hash makes it quicker, as you can focus your trimming efforts on the upper, thick colas. I rarely keep any of the "underlings" for bud, they all get hashed, or kiefed.
  15. I'm just now trimming and drying my first harvest. This was a good post, thanks! I guess I have more work to do, though.

    Do you trim it all way down right after harvest, or do as I have also read, let it hang for three days before you do the final trim?
  16. I don't get how people can NOT enjoy trimming there crop.

    Smoke a bowl, grab some clippers, and have fun.

    Listen to music and browse GrassCity for a few minutes if it gets boring.

    I would love nothing more than to trim marijuana for days on end.

    You guys are lucky.
  17. Trimming large sugarless fanleaves before drying, then once curing starts, or some time into curing, I'll trim the sugarless tips, or the entire sugar leaf, depending on the strain.
  18. He's got a good point. If trimming loads of buds is our biggest problem, we have it pretty good. :smoke:
  19. you must have never trimmed before:rolleyes:

    I hate it. I did 9 plants last time, not even a fine manicure. My knuckles were about dead, my hand were so cramped up. I went to go by a spinpro. The guy at the grow shop let me use his.

    I can knock down 9-10 plants in a hour.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNCJxN9EpAE]YouTube - Spin Pro[/ame]

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