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Whats the fastest finishing strain in the world?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Graesklipparen, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Hello all growers!

    Whats the fastest strain to be finished? I couldnt find any faster strain than Afghani #1 when i searched sensis catalog. Flowering on 45 days. Do you know any faster strain?
    My dream is to find a strain that can finish from seed to harvest on 10 weeks. Im willing to get any equipment needed to reach the goal. Please help. :eek:
  2. you could try a lowryder strain there pretty fast but if you want a harvest in ten weeks cloning a mature mother whould get you a faster yield because you can start 12/12 and root at the same time
  3. Thanks for the tip tiller. Its going to be clones next time for me. Sensi dont have lowryder strain, wher can i find it?
  4. i herd a story form my homie, Santa Maria, is a cross indicaXsativa and start to finish is 60 days and is almost like a LR going straight into veg
  5. d-block, that sounds like music in my ears, then i would have 10 days for curing/drying. Do you know were to get this strain, preferably by mailorder ?
  6. Thanks for the link, i think i found the perfect strain for me as i wanted a strain that goes from seed to harvest in 9 weeks. This must be the strain d-block talked about. Check it out, i will order now. http://www.skunk.co.uk/lowryder-seeds-p-36.html
  7. i use any clone thats around and i only veg for like 1 - 2 weeks then into flower 8 weeks done
  8. Hash plant goes 6-7 weeks
  9. Clones and hashplant sounds good. Right now i run afghani #1, but from seedlings, and it takes time to get them to flower, then they shall flower same time as hashplant which basicly is an afghani. Anyway, i have ordered 10 seeds of lowryder #2. Shall see how it goes and what they taste like when im finished growing my afghanis. Peace

  10. Seems hard to believe since im pretty sure its not possable for a plant to flower in only months, wishful thinking though.
    Fastest strain in the world is Lowryder, at least to my knowlage.
    Also, lr doesnt go straight into veg, it goes straight into flower as soon as it breaks soil, which is why it only takes 90 days... 3 months... the normal flowering time for a plant.
    I wouldnt be looking for the "fastest" growing strain anyway though, ive grown lowryder for a couple years now and have worked with it to make my own autoflowering crosses also, its a nice concept but you are sacraficeing yeild GREATLY. I grew 44 lowryder females at one time, and still didnt even come close to yeilding what i did on a 13 foot plant that was outside.
  11. 14 foot plant yield = ? lets say 1 kg
    44 lowrider #2 (lowrider x santa maria) = 44 * 40 gram = 1,76 kg
    I think i will like this lowrider #2, thanks for the input Satan.
  12. Whatever you decide man, its all pot in the longrun.
    Id much rather invest my time into a couple plants, rather then the lowryder#2 you are talking about which is still not very potent at all, and still yeilds shitty (both the things JD was trying to increase in the new lr#2 on the market now)
    As i was saying, in growing 44 lrs, a mix of #1 and #2, nothing yeilded over 8 grams, and like i said was definatly lacking in the potencey department, so i wasnt impressed at all.
    Id look at some of mdanzigs crosses before i made any decicious, hell id go to highbred.net the official lowryder forums before i made any decisious, i think you should definatly read up first.
  13. im not sure the reason of your timeline but if its just frequent harvests you want and you can get whatever you need to acomplish your goal why not try something like this

    which you can scale as you like
  14. If it's not TOP quality you want, or want to wait for.... you might take a strain like White Rhino, veg them until you have the size or time, and then put them into flowering. Then count the days.... I've done it and chopped at day 42...exactly 6 wks.

    I would like to get some people's opinion on yields doing it this way this. For example, lets say your yield at 42 days comes out to 42 grams...to make it easy, this crop is yielding 1 gram per day. If it was in flowering for 56 days and it yielded 60+ grams, it would be advantageous to keep it flowering those extra days, since now it is yielding more than 1 gram per day. However if it only produced 50 grams per day after 56 days one might start thinking in chopping after 42 days and getting the 42 grams.

    Anyone care to guess which way is better as far as yield is concerned?

  15. bump bump bump bump
  16. try speedqueen and ak48 both very fast
  17. My order from skunk.co.uk didnt come, so now im actually concidering satans advice, he seem to have grown lr with no good result. My problem is im only at the growing place for 10 weeks, so everything has to go from seed to harvest in 70 days. ive heard good about ak48, potent, ill sheck out speedqueen as well. thanks for all advice. Ill think about hashplant also, but its so expensive seeds for that one. Then i have to pollinate a few to get more seeds. Im also planning on getting aeroflow 14 system, it should speed up the process a bit =0) Im now running hydropnic drip system on my afghanis #1.
  18. white widow is also good.
    including white rhino like keylime said.
    widow likes to be vegged very little and can mature anywhere from 6-7wks.
    Ive had a finished widow from seed to harvest in 9 wks with a 2.5 oz harvest.
    21 days veg, 6 wks flower.
    pretty potent also.
  19. im with satan why ruish to flower or rush thru veg just so u can harvest a half o
    its pointless i see ppl on here all time flowereing at like day 28
    outdoors plants go for 2-3 months of just veg and only harvest a 4oz-12oz per plant
    so dont expect much out of your low ryder and just so you know your not gonna get 44grams dried on one lowryder sorry....maybe32 max with strong lumens

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