What's the end-all deal with smoking out of tin foil?

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  1. See title.

    My bong's bowl is broken, so basically i have a bong and downstem but no bowl. I'm really tempted to just fashion a quick fix one out of tin foil but I've heard mixed things about tin foil.

    If we use tin foil for cooking and such, shouldn't it be completely safe? Tin can't possible evaporate at the temperature of a Bic can it? I once looked up on Wikipedia that it was some ridiculously high temperature that definitely surpassed the combustion of butane. And I know for a fact that almost all hookahs use tin foil bowls, and plenty of people smoke those daily.

    So what's the deal? What's good blades? To tin foil or not to tin foil?
  2. I personally wouldnt do it. Just go to a hardware store and pick up some metal pipe, I'm sure you'll find what you need.

    Though I have heard (from many people) tin foil is safe, contrary to the popular belief that it is dangerous.
  3. we dont inhale the food that we cook in tin foil though
  4. I've heard that people who smoke out of tin foil die the most horrible deaths.
  5. When you can buy a glass pipe for $5 bucks, why the hell would anybody smoke out of foil? My guess.... you would only use foil if you're underage. Foil is for kids that can't buy a piece.

    I can't think it's good for you. I would never smoke out of foil. Cans are out too. the paint on the can is probably worse than the foil.

    Bottom line, don't do it!
  6. Theres not much to worry about. Unless you scrape it with something that would create aluminum dust, it's harmless. It's an old discounted myth.
  7. I'm not sure just how safe it is to smoke out of tinfoil. I try to avoid it wherever possible. although when fashioning a home made "waterfall" pipe or when we don't have any gauzes, we'll stretch to tinfoil :p
  8. I wouldn't use it. run to a local hardware store and get something metal.
  9. My cousin smoked out of foil and was attacked by a grizzly bear. Better go with metal. grizzlies are dangerous.
  10. i laughed
  11. one word for you
  12. I heard smoking out of glass gives you cancer, glaucoma, scoliosis, and Lupus!!

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    my mother is 49 years old, and a certified public accountant and still uses soda cans and tinfoil

    she is far from an underage kid that can't buy a piece

    she has breast cancer

  14. no glass doesnt release vapors or fumes its safer that blunts wood and metal pipes

    and no one has ever gotten cancer from smokin week

    but TIN FOIL KILLS :devious:
  15. i think it was sarcasm
  16. If I have to use tin foil to smoke I'd rather not smoke or use something else. I've probably used tin foil less then 5 times and that was when I was young and with friends. Just save that bud or use something else. Tin foil isn't classy it makes me think I'm smoking crack or meth. I would make a gravity bong or something else so you don't have to use it.
  17. I've been using a tin foil bowl nearly all my smoking career, and I've experienced no problems. Plus, once you break in the bowl and get enough res covering the tinfoil there should be no problems.
  18. I thought it only increased the chance that you develop alzheimers...
  19. TIN foil would be fine, but Aluminium is a different element. Aluminum foil can sublimate at the temperature a lighter's flame burns at and give off aluminum vapors, the charcoal on a hookah doesn't get that hot, so that's not an issue at all, but aluminium ions in the brain have a strong corralation with cases of alzheimers, but nothing that way has been solidly proven, a few weeks of smoking out of foil should be fine
  20. Shiny side down.

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