Whats the easiest strain to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Amack21, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Im just wondering what strain is the easiest to grow indoors. Such as a 4foot by 2foot closet. Ive grown once before but had bad luck mainly because i used MG soil. Trying to find a very nice potent strain that doesnt need a lot of maitnence.
  2. Northern Lights is talked about as an easy to grow plant for beginners.

    I've personally found Skunks to be pretty simple, but smelly. ;)
  3. What he said ... Sorry if you are a she ...
  4. true i was thinking about getting Arjans Strawberry Haze fem...Straight off GC...You guys know if thatd be a nice one to start with? and if GC gets quality seeds to the US?
  5. I'm going to be attempting to grow some Northern Soul as my first grow. Its a Northern Lights and Skunk #1 mix. I bought feminized seeds so I'm hoping I get all females.
  6. If by GC you are meaning GrassCity, no, they don't send seeds to the U.S.A.

    Have a read through the seed bank forum and you'll find threads about the seed pimps that sell to The States. ;)
  7. true well i know dr.chronic does cause thats who my buddy got his from. So ill just have to settle for some little Angel i guess or brainstorm. Thanks a bunch guys for the help!

    Happy Tokin:smoke:

  8. You can get that strain from Dutch Passion and they will send it to the U.S.:hello:

    I have received White Widow from them... and best of all BLUEBERRY! Right now I am waitin for a 10 pack of Arjan's Strawberry Haze it will be my first try with that strain... So far the Blue is the strongest healthiest starter I have done.

    Good luck man!:smoke:

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