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What's the difrence from Reg and dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DOWboy, May 13, 2011.

  1. So I kicked it with my dealer the other day and he pulled out a bag of Reg and a couple bags of dank. I asked him how Reg is different and he says it's just a different high. I wanna know if it has to do with how it's grown.
  2. Reg, regs, schwag what ever you call it, all it is, is just a plant that wasn't cared for and grown properly. Schwag is usually grown to score a quick few bucks, but you'd have a better time selling dank. If you are going to buy, go for the dank, sure you are going to get a less amount for what you would if you bought the regs, but dank is worth every dollar you spend on it. It is always a garunteed amazing, strong, and long lasting high. You do not even need to smoke a lot to get blazed. 1 bowl off a bong would be more than enough. When I had easier access to dank, I would always pack snaps(which is a bowl good enough for one good hit) and smoke only one and I would be really really high. One more snap and I was blazed.
  3. Dank gets you higher, not necessarily a 'different' type of high.
  4. Reggie is basically a waste of money, low grade no cared for probably wasn't even cured or over cured, its bricked up and shitty. I think imo reggie has a different high compared to a more danker weed not necessarily a weaker high but just the way it feels like its a hyper high while some kush highs are like couch locking and shit,
  5. I have only smoked dank actuly, but my boy says it will make you tired faster than dank. Could seeds from dank grow up to be a great plant?
  6. its like the difference between an old beater and a new cadillac, or a young sexy model, and a 48 old transvestite hooker
  7. I am pretty sure you meant seeds from schwag. Yes, you can grow dank from schwag seeds, as long as you know what you are doing and grow it right.

  8. That is the funnyest thing I have ever heard. I littaraly fell out of my chair laughing
  9. I have heard it called both. I don't really know the difference between schwag and reg. I have read so much off this forum about growing that I think I'm good on that aspect
  10. Regs to me is shwag and it's super seedy and compressed, to smuggle over the border. Kind is homegrown, keify, green tastiness.

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