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whats the differince between a bong n a bubbler?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SwiftWaterz, May 7, 2011.

  1. sup gc :cool: i've always wondered this
  2. [​IMG]

  3. ok well they both have water and you smoke out of them. my friends are always talking about them but i still think theyre basically the same :confused:
  4. Bongs are larger then bubblers and are used to get high on just one hit but people take huge hits from them.

    Google Image Result for - Bong

    Bubblers are smaller and is used for a cool smoke but using smaller hits in its simplest form is a pipe with some water added to it to filter the smoke but they can get as complicated as a bong with Percs,ice,ash catchers,ect.

    Google Image Result for - Bubbler
  5. [quote name='SwiftWaterz']ok well they both have water and you smoke out of them. my friends are always talking about them but i still think theyre basically the same :confused:[/

    Almost the main difference is bubblers are smaller and bongs are huge.
  6. so if you had a giant bubbler it would be a bong? why don't they just call bubblers small bongs? and if you take a little hit off of a bong is it a bubbler? :confused:
  7. There's so much inbetween... bongs you could call bubblers, bubblers you could call bongs.

    But the real difference is in the mouth piece. A bong mouth piece your lips rest inside, bubblers, your lips will rest on the outside.
  8. They're both filtered through water, but they'll both hit very differently.

    When you're talking about bubblers like the one above with a carb on the side, it'll be a more slow hit. Like hitting a pipe but filtered through water.
    Whereas a bong is more of... I don't know... like a big sudden rush of smoke. :p

    There are large "bubblers" with pull-out slides instead of a carb and some of them will hit a little more like a bong so the line kinda gets blurry there, but when someone mentions a bubbler they're usually talking about something like what VapeMaster posted.

  9. Word.
  10. There is no such thing as a giant bubbler a bubbler is ment to be compact like a pipe but cool like a bong.

    If you take a little hit of a bong it is not a bubbler its still a bong thats like saying if you add salt to tap water its salt water.
  11. hm, yeah kinda confusing but whatever. gets you high :D

  12. I bet someone out there somewhere has made a giant bubbler. :smoking:

  13. Then it's a bong the main difference between the two is size.
  14. I thought the difference was that bongs use slides and bubblers just have their attached bowl?
  15. #15 Slurms McKenzie, May 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    No some acrylic bonds have carbs

    And I seen bubblers with slides

    Idk I think water level and. Mouth area
    Bubblers your lips go around it
    Bong your lips go in the tube
  16. best explanation ive heard
  17. But size doesn't really matter. I've seen plenty of bubblers that are bigger than many bongs. I'd go with the guy who mentioned the mouthpiece as having the best explanation.
  18. Bubbler= pipe with water
    Bong= awesome.
    Bongs are upright and usually pretty large. You can add ash catchers and percs etc. But bubblers are shaped like a regular Sherlock(usually) pipe but there's water in the big part.
    On a bong your lips are in the inside and on bubblers they are on the outside (like a pipe)
    Most bongs have slides on the bowl but most bubblers have carbs.

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