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Whats the difference..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by biggg bassset, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. All iv ever really smoked Is pretty average weed. Probly what would be call schwag to mids if im lucky. Buds just shit Round here.
    But it could be happy days ahead as my white rhino seeds just arrived :)
    What I want to know is how was your first time smoking high grade weed?
    Am I gonna be stoned as fuck compared to the usual grass?
  2. hell yes the first time i got some truly medical weed that was just coated in crystals i thought it would be like regular weed just more bowls... damn was i wrong it was GDP so within 10 min all i wanted to do was lay down and eat all the food in my kitchen it hits you alot faster which makes it way more intense at first and it also has a way longer lasting high than mids... the first time you smoke some dank i would suggest not having important things to do that day
  3. Cool man iv smoked pretty good weed only handful of times over the years but I highly doubt even that was of medical quality so I'm pumped to see how this goes :)
  4. get some blue dream, or sour d, lmao youll be in orbit :hello:

    ohhhhhh.. or some white rhino hahaha
  5. yea.. man white rhino is a still a good strain... you will be stoned..
  6. I was fucked, I had only 3 beers before I first hit dank and my eyes were blood red and I felt wasted lol, but in a great euphoric way where I just talked and talked. Good luck
  7. Lol, White Rhino might even be too strong for you lool. I remember the first time I had White Rhino. It was the third time I went to the Dispensary right after I got my MMMP card. The nuggets were beautiful, it had the most trichs I had seen at that time. I ground it up and rolled a joint, a third of the way through the joint I was numb. Was truely awesome.
  8. Haha fuck man I hope it's to strong for me that'd be awesome to be that stoned again haha

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