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What's the difference in potency when eaten?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hippie Mama, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. How much more pot do you need to use when eating it as opposed to smoking it? I've heard that it's about 1/3 as potent when eaten but I'm not sure if that's true, especially when making your food with cannibutter. Does that sound right to you? Thanks!
  2. whenever i cooked with cannabis the effect was far more potent than if smoked. but i never bothered to weigh how much i put in

  3. OMG, you mean it's more potent when eaten??? I know it lasts a lot longer but gram for gram don't you need more when you eat it? I really need to get this figured out by tomorrow. At first I was worried I might not eat enough, now I'm worring I'll end up passed out at the concert. (Or worse. :confused: )
  4. I've made brownies a few times and this is my experience:

    Putting 1-2 grams per person into the batch is perfect. So, if it's you and 2 other friends, put 3-6 grams in, and everyone will be fucked up. Not sure how good it would be if you put less than that. Obviously it depends on the quality of the bud, but I've eaten both mids and dank, and gotten messed up from both.

    The high lasts a lot longer. The first time I ate brownies, I ate them around midnight, and was still VERY high at work at 8 am the next morning.

    The high is a lot different. It's more of a body high. But your body is so high that your mind is going crazy as well. After the brownies I went to eat with my friends at Denny's, and while we were all sitting at the table, I felt like a third-person observer... like I was watching myself interact with my friends.

    I'm not sure how you'd do at a concert. Music is awesome when you're fucked up, but the 3rd time I ate brownies, me and my friend were in bed by 9:30 PM and this was a Friday night.

    One more word of wisdom. When you eat cannabis, it takes a lot longer for it to kick in. So if you aren't feeling anything for the first half hour to 45 minutes, don't panic and eat more. Give it time.

    Good luck.
  5. [quote name='YellowSubmarin3']I've made brownies a few times and this is my experience:

    Putting 1-2 grams per person into the batch is perfect. So, if it's you and 2 other friends, put 3-6 grams in, and everyone will be fucked up.

    At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, a gram would be about what you'd find in a nice fat joint, no? The only thing I have to weigh with is a highly inaccurate kitchen scale that's only good for measuring stuff like three pounds of potatoes. :p

    Also, I should probably mention that I have zero tolerance. (Not "zero tolerance" like the DARE people :eek:, but just that I don't do it that often and have been known to get totally zonked on amounts that just get others buzzed.) Does one to two grams still sound good? Thanks!
  6. If you eat 1-2 grams and don't smoke marijuana often, you should theoretically be very stroned, lol! Everytime I have ever eaten brownies, I get extremely high and its a way different feeling.
  7. You can roll a blunt/joint with less than a gram, or as much as several grams, so that's not really a good barometer for what 1g is. As a rough rule of thumb, 1g is the amount you get for 10 bucks generally (if it's mids, not good dank shit).

    As far as your tolerance goes... it's really up to you. You aren't going to overdose or hurt yourself from eating too much (unless you do something stupid while high), so if you want to guarantee a great high, put a gram or 2 in there for yourself. If you want to start out with less for your first time and see how that goes, do it.

    Although my friend did throw up the first time we ate brownies. I felt fine, health wise, though.
  8. Ya eaten cannabis is more potent. We usually put an ounce of mids in a a batch, and theyre potent as fuck.

  9. Well the prices might vary, but think of it like this.

    1 oz = 28g = $350
    1 qtr = 7g = $100
    1/8 = 3.5g = $50
    Half = 1.7g = $25

    So a gram is about 1/3 of a normal 8th that you buy, if you don't have a scale, isolating a bit more than a third should be about a gram.

    (These are all Central Florida prices for dank)
  10. Thanks, that makes sense. *sigh* I miss Gainesville Green. :yummy: I don't know if you get it there in Orlando, but I hope you do. :D
  11. Lets look at it this way. When you smoke your not getting full THC absorption some is staying in the pipe or whatever and some is exhaled not all is absorbed. When eaten the thc will go through your digestive tract and once in the small intestine it begins to be absorbed. Theres no where for it to escape so you are getting 100% THC absorption, to me edibles are always more potent.

  12. The first time I ate pot I couldn't control the high, and I was high well into noon the next day (after eating it at 8 pm the day before) I ate about 2-3 grams of dirt weed and I was fucked up beyond measure - I equate it to drinking 10 Vodka shots in 20 min without slurred speech, although I didn't know what the fuck I was saying hahaha....
  13. I have a high tolerance.. I just made a firecracker with 1.1g. I should be faaaced soon.

  14. Its weed.. not narcotics.
  15. Oh, yeah, I know. By "or worse" I didn't mean dying or anything, lol. I just meant making a giant fool of myself or something. :p

  16. Hell i get a gram of lemon skunk dro for 10

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