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Whats the difference between Medical Marijuana and Regular Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeVullion13254, Apr 23, 2013.

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    have any of you tried medical marijuana before? Was it any better than regular marijuana?

    Im just wondering what the difference is between the medical marijuana sold in dispensaries to patients with a card in states like Colorado and California. And the regular marijuana that u might get off the street from drug cartels in Mexico or gangbangers like the crips and bloods.

    When regular marijuana stores open in Colorado and Washington next year for adults over 21 who want to get high, what will the marijuana be like compared to the medical marijuana that patients are now getting?
  2. One treats headaches...The other treats, well, no.

    Nothing...Nothing, really.:cool:
  3. Medical gets your significantly more fucked up
  4. Medical marijuana vs the marijuana sold by the cartels? Well the dispensary would sell you a variety of different strains with different levels of thc potency...the cartels will sell you brick weed, and only brick weed :p

    When regular marijuana stores open up there will be no difference between that and medical. Possibly when it is produced on a huge scale (and if huge corporations get into this business) then there is a possibility that we see pesticides and fertilizers used on the plants :( but no, medical does not mean it is always better, and there is nothing different in a medicinal plant, all marijuana plants are medicinal:p
  5. nothing at all, if people say yes, your an idiot, med is jus weed grown by patients then sold to dispenseies but first checked to make sure its healthy and no mites n shit... Reason med is better cause its not illegal to grow so takes some of the stress out
  6. Medical is the one that helps relax people and medicate them , while the regular is the one to stay away from it can be easily addictive and has no medical purpose many have died from injecting 3and a half regular marijuanas
  7. lol, they are both the same, weed is weed...good weed is good, bad weed is bad
  8. Weed is weed, but most medical shit is grown properly and you can differentiate because the strains are known.
  9. Medical is grown properly, with quality in mind. Regular can be, but will most likely grown haphazardly in someones closet and harvested as soon as crystals appear (at least round these parts)
  10. Medical marijuana is made out of recycled wheelchairs.

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