whats the difference between love and infactuation?

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  1. what is the difference between love and infactuation? what is love anyways? what makes one "fall" in love? plz help me distinguish between the two, its very important.:hello: personal experiences are preferable
  2. Let me have a go at this...


    When you are infactuated with someone, she looks like an angel.

    When you are in love, she looks more... human.
  3. True love is when one cares about someone else's well being as much as one cares about one's own. Making someone else happy is certainly important, and yet one's own happiness in addition to that and as a result of that is what genuinely is true. True love stands together in equality and balance to what is honest, true and caring and not only about romantic love. It is a kindness of heart, soul, and mind. True love can be defined and is also a given, known and made when two people "share" in it.

    Love has never been defined since man began, so we have to use our own hearts and minds to decide.to me Love isn't all about looking at a good looking woman and hearing fireworks go off all the time. That's usually physical attraction, or infatuation, but it's normal at the beginning of a relationship.

    Love is respect, wanting to help that person in any aspect of their lives; protect them from harm's way; knowing that each other will be there 100%; feeling safe with that person; proud of being with them; sharing your hopes and dreams together; and my favorite ... feeling like you can conquer the world together! Knowing you will be together no matter what, and continue on until the day you DIE. that would be my definition...

    well everything i just wrote about is all old school anyways because thats not even what people want anymore. Female just use man and man uses females. and that way we cut corners and get what we want. it fucking sucks that we are this way. when i meet a girl im attracted to, they seem to be the wrong type of person for me. and one question i always wondered is why are girls attracted to me when i already have a relationship?... and then when im not its like girls don’t even notice me. i guess im just as confused and stoned as when i started writing this you probably are too if youre still reading. lmao, MACK
  4. big difference.

    love is a real word.

    "infactuation" isnt.

    j/k. take care mang!
  5. she looks more human than angel?
    im having a hard time using that in context, as i am well aware of the fact she is a human being.
  6. Love, you hold her deep, value her and care about her. You're all in.

    Infatuation, you're practically obsessed, every thing she says and does resonates with you in a way that makes your eyes light up every time you look at that face. This is what gives you dilated puppy dog eyes that girls can get lost in.
  7. definition #2 seems more accurate, but definition #1 would also apply. what now?:eek:
  8. I think love is knowing someone very well and accepting that everyone makes mistakes and knowing that people aren't perfect but still feeling love, compassion and kindness towards them always.

    Infatuation is kind of like attachment. You are obsessive and can't truly see the person for who they are. You tend to hold them up highly in your mind and you see them as perfect. It's also an exaggerated not wanting to be separated from someone or something. There often is exaggeration of positive qualities, which can only lead to disappointment.
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    infatuation is selfish.

    love is being selfish for someone else.
  10. Love is genuine, infatuation is not.
  11. OP, actually what I'd like to know is, why do you want to know?
  12. According to my dictionary, infatuation is short-lived passion, love is long lasting, and as someone else pointed out, genuine.

  13. Got to it before me damn lol
  14. Lets just say i got a crush and i'm trying to figure it out.[​IMG]
  15. I see...

    In that case, I would say infactuation is like the seed that could grow to become love.
  16. Infatuation is loving someone because of....

    Love is loving someone in spite of...
  17. ones possible the others not
  18. from the definitions i still cant tell too much of a difference between the 2:eek:. idk at any rate im gonna go for it and see where it goes
  19. Love is mutual, infatuation is one sided
  20. Go for what?

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