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whats the difference between dro and kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by texas1, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. just cause dank is purple, blue dream or what ever does not mean its kush right? then alot of dealers pass dat dro from cali as kush dwn here 20 a gram.
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    Kush is a strain...dro stands for hydroponic...
  3. Yeah.. 'dro' is a method of growing whereas Kush would be a type of weed.
  4. Dro isn't a strain. It's a method of growing. Hydroponics to be specific.

    Kush is a strain of weed that's probably mostly indica, and descended from some weed that grew naturally in some mountains in Pakistan.

    None of these names are related to potency. You can get some shitty kush that a person screwed up growing.

    Stop thinking of weed in terms of names and just smell your bag to know if you got what you paid for.
  5. Please read the sticky entitled "Guide for Apprentice Tokers."

  6. He's educating himself right now by asking questions on a forum. Why so dick about it?
  7. duh thats what im tryin to say. these dealers in texas be on dat bull. since you wanna play socrates she some knowledge on me then.
  8. thanks mr.good smoke
  9. I have yet to find a dro grower who has ditch weed. lol thats kind of a oxymoron?
  10. Oh sorry if it sounded like i was being a dick. I wasn't trying to.
  11. How long where you hooked on phonics?
  12. i didnt, see it as a dick thing, But ^^^ the guy above me is a dick, but a funny one. :p

  13. You never know though. Comparing dro and kush is like comparing apples and oranges. Dro is a way of growing weed, usually producing high quality bud. Kush is just a strain. So some kush could be called dro too.
  14. I too recognize what "Dro" is, im just saying he said if its dro it isnt an indication of its potency, obviously if it has been well taken care for, slept with with a teddy bear, hugged before night, tucked in, read bedtime stories, etc, it would be more potent than something Pedro pulled out of his ass. Ya' Know? Its an oxymoron to say Dro isn't good weed.

  15. Dro is not inherently good weed, it's merely a method of growing (as you know) nothing else can be implied simply from the way the bud is grown. Sure dro is more often then not good weed, but how often have you bought schwag from a dealer who said it was grown hydroponically? There's a data imbalance here, because when you buy good weed, you're dealer will be chomping at the bit to tell you about all the little extra bullshit he can to help sell it, but if you were to be buying mids or schwag, not much is mentioned besides the low price because of the quality.
  16. You should have seen my first attempt with hydroponics.. I didn't even get any bud,I killed the plants.
  17. Kush is a strain. Dro is a growing style
  18. Well Kush Purple weed is good but dro is kush but not ever always purple Kind Bud cause kush are the purple buds. Big difference because of the buds man.

  19. People should really read the thread before replying.. about 6 people have already answered this.

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