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What's the difference between blunts and joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I've heard them used interchangeably, but I know there is a difference, but I don't know what it is.
  2. For real? A joint is made with just rolling papers, but a blunt can be an emptied cigar rerolled with weed, or a blunt wrap which they sell in pack of two and are just a wrapper. I've been having trouble finding blunt wraps lately though. They taste pretty good, I think Zig-Zag makes some nice ones, and they're always moist so its' easy to roll, they just a quick bake and you're good to go.
  3. hahahah a joint is pretty much a small piece of thin tissue paper and a blunt is most likely to be a ss white owl etc hollowed out and rerolled
  4. Blunts use cigar wraps. Joints use rolling papers.
    However, I do know people who call a joint with no baccy (tobacco) a blunt, so maybe that's what they're talking about. Generally, my circle uses the term spliff for a joint with baccy in, joint for just weed, and blunt for just weed in a cigar wrap.
  5. well, first off, they both suck.

    blunts are okay sometimes .... theres NEVER a time to smoke a joint.

    blunt is used with a tobacco wrapping, whether it be a cigar or a "blunt wrap"

    joint is rolled with rolling papers. same thing as a hand rolled cigarrette, just with weed in it
  6. How bout in a car? :smoke:
  7. I dig joints, man.
  8. joints are the shit... just roll up like 10 of em and just have them in a cool little joint container... it's the shit getting to just whip one out whenever you want lol

  9. I disagree. Joints are chill as fuck and they are good when you don't want to carry a pipe or other piece on you.

    a WELL ROLLED joint will give you nice fat hits and burn slowly and evenly. Maybe you just aren't good at rolling joints? Go smoke a fatty cone with someone who rolls a lot and then say theres never a time to smoke a joint. :smoke:
  10. whoever said joints suck is wrong :p the worst thing about joints but mostly blunts is the amount of weed they take. people say joints burn wrong but if rolled properly then they smoke just fine. but yeah joints are like ciggerettes but with weed and no filter blunts are like a cigar but with weed. joints taste much better
  11. This.
  12. Joint = paper rolled marijuana cigarette.

    Blunt = cigar/tobacco wrap rolled marijuana cigarette.

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