what's the difference between a joint and a spliff?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by weedzilla420, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. please don't make fun of me like i'm a dumbass or something, but i was wondering if someone could explain to me what the main difference is between a spliff and a joint. i did a search on dictionary.com for spliff and it simply defined it as a marijuana cigarette.
  2. When I first started smoking I asked my roomate's buddy the same question. his response was "nothing"
  3. i think a spliff has tobacco in it a joint doesnt
  4. Size/geographic location I believe.
  5. meanings tend to differ from region to region
  6. i thought that was just a cray-zay brit term. guess not...
  7. most common is a tobacco/weed joint

    some people call big joints spliffs

    like luda said, it differs in different regions
  8. When I first started tokin' some people told me it was a joint with tobacco and some told me it was a monstrous joint.
  9. well i've been tokin all over Scotland... there's no difference here from as far as i've seen. i dont think theres any difo south of the border either.

    a spliff is a doob is a joint is a j is a number is a chong stick is a cannabis cigarette is a pleef is a spleef is a jay is a 1 is a l is a doobie is a.... ok, i'm outta general names for them now.

    but hey... i dont smoke the ones with tobacco in 'em anymore.

    mint is ok though. ;)
  10. not a damn thing down here
  11. my friends always called cone rolled joints spliffs...
  12. I like the word spliff. But I don't like weed + tobacco.

    I like my joints to be pure.
  13. i always thought a spliff was 2 joint papers licked together to make one long one...my friend can do it in like 5 minutes and uses about 2.5 grams of dank in it....gets you glued for some good hours.
  14. Spliff = A big marijuna/tobacco joint
    Joint = Marijuana cigerette.
    Doobie = A huge marijuna cigerette that uses multiple papers.

    Me and some friends rolled a doobie, it was great......6 inches long, used 3 paper.

  15. when i say spliff ..im just refering to a big fat ol' enlgihs spliff usualy a cone.....

  16. ditto
  17. Ya, its all the same to me. The only time I ever put tobbaco in my joints is when I got damp weed...or when I'm rolling a roach joint I put a bit in. Only roach joints tho, roach blunts burn fine with just the roaches in them. I havent got damp weed in months but I did smoke a roach joint yesterday that had a bit of wac in it.
  18. lmao.

    "cone shaped joints"

    heh... ya know there's a simpler label for it... you even said it....



    there are many many different types of joint, but i think its rediculous to try and say that theres any specificity between "joint" and "spliff". these are both general terms ...or at the very least can (and do) get used as such.

    you wanna define what the thing you rolled is called better than that? then coin a style and make up a name (like my saber - back rolled and with a distinctive conage and curvature, and always with the same fold instead of twist at the end)... or use one of the many previously created joints. like tulip or windmill to mention a couple of the more well known ones.

    to answer the question (whats the difference between a joint and a spliff) again direct...


    what's the difference between a 9-bar and 9 ounces?

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