What's the difference between a inline a/c and a gridded inline a/c?

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  1. I tried google but couldn't figure out, what does "gridded" mean? Like what is the difference between a inline a/c and a gridded inline a/c? Thanks!
  2. Gridded means that instead of only cutting slits in the glass, the blower will lay strips of glass across the slits to make holes instead of big slits. So if the ashcatcher is gridded it will have more points of diffusion resulting in a smoother hit.
  3. yea, you actually hand dot the grids onto the slits instead of laying down strips but exactly right
    heres a vid of my gridded showerhead i made, also there are tons of pic of gridding online.

  4. Oooh I see! Does this add drag though? And In a inline arnt the bubbles going to split in half on their own anywayssince the slits are onthe bottom? Like half the bubble up one side and half up the other?
  5. Hold up, you made that? Nice work bro
  6. Nice, big ups

  7. if anything it reduces the drag making for a more fizzy/less chuggy hit.

    in a perfect world, yah they'd split in two...but gridding forces them to split into way more than two
  8. they might, under perfect conditions of pressure being applied, and the angle the AC is being held at, etc.

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