whats the diff between a catholic preist and acne???

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by nucan, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. acne usually comes on a boy's face after the age of 13..

    courtesy of maxim
  2. thats nasty but funny

  3. That disturbs me on so many levels, it's incredible.
  4. that is the terrible. you should feel awful. what did he do to you man? gd, think about it ...

  5. Yeah, but there is a possibility that the gay kid knew about it, I mean common, since when is bong water dark yellow and reek of piss? In that case, I think it's technically considered flirting, HB! :D
  6. LMFAO! But uuuuuuurgh! thats grim!

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