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  1. So I am having problems with the lower leaves of this plant and not sure what it is,
    the plant is 2 weeks old and this just arose 2 days ago.


    Nutrients: Only Fox farm Big bloom so far

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    How much fox farm big bloom do you give it at a time?

    Do you administer every watering or every other watering?

    What does the label recommend?

    The organic nutrients available in the FFOF are more than enough to sustain your plant for at least the first four weeks of its growth, as there is a good amount of nitrogen being provided to your plant through the worm castings and the bat guano. Big bloom says right on the label "EWC and bat guano."

    One of the bottom leaves are burnt at the tip, this strongly portrays nutrient burn. Or maybe its a nutrient lock out due to the excess amounts of nitrogen that it's been provided with.

    Simply put, your plant is saying "no more please, I'm full."

    That's my diagnosis.
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    It's a bit young yet for feeding.If you do make it at 1/4 strenght.Doesnt FFOF have nutes in it as well?Sounds like overkill.

    Either that or it's sensitive to nutrients,and either way lay off.Flush a little even.

    I would say nute burn,or a PH issue.
  4. you're probably burning them with nutes. either that or its a deficiency which doesn't make since if you are giving them nutes and watering...I've seen lots of plants with yellowish leaves after they have been flowering for a while, but that doesn't look healthy. either too much nutes or some sort of disease or infection can't say w/out more info
  5. could be the nutes, u can lower the levels a bit and see what happens. couldnt hurt as they are pretty small plants. also they look a bit dry. when its time, water deep and allow for sufficient runoff.

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