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Whats the deal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THC101, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. This has stumped me for the longest time... How come everyone across the pond can only find hash or shitty weed?

    I mean, if theres hash, then there must be people growing why only hashish, and no buds?

    because over here in the U.S its the oppisite for me. Ive never tried hash, and ive never heard of anyone selling it either..

    so wats the deal?

    btw, im only going by wat i here. Ive never heard of anyone from over there getting good buds that isnt a grower themself.( e.i sidious)

  2. I'm from the UK and can easily get the best skunk around, i don't know where you got that info from but it is wrong.

    Over here i've never seen bad weed, i've seen some people from the US post pics of weed that i wouldn't dream of smoking, and i'm sure they think its quality stuff.

    As for hash, just yesterday i was smoking some quality gear...
    Nobody i know smokes shite weed, it's all good where i get it anyway...
  3. well you are in the in the U.K. well especially Scotland, all we get id's crappy weed that has been cut with a load of shit.........if i want skunk, i'd need to pay through the nose, and from a contact of a contact of my dealer.......better to have my own, but it doesn'nt allways work like that..............i do not grow a perpetual harvest, so i need weed of some sort in between..........Peace out........Sid

    hash is common in the U.K. due to import..............

    if you want good hash, the Dam i the place to go.............can get it here, but it'll cost a lot............

  4. yea i'm from the states and that's how it is. i've never heard of anybody selling hash, and i just recently tried itfor my first time ever. some guy gave it to a friends older bro at a bar for free. he didn't want it so he gave it to my friend and we smoked it. it got us stoned, but it tasted like burning rubber whenever you exhaled.

  5. So how hard is it exactly for you to get hold of some quality skunk?
    I know people who grow or if they have run out, then they have friends who grow so its ok.
    Why smoke the hash if it tastes nasty, i'd rather go without than getting high off whatever crap they put in soapbar
  6. yeah ive never seen hash around here. ive never looked for it either though. Just sticked to the greens.

    edit: post 1221. not a land mark, but a cool number. i never notice when i hit the real landmark posts.

  7. very hard to get.......i'd need to pay maybe £120-160 an oz.........and i'd be lucky to get it about once a month if i'm lucky, so i grow instead, when i know i'll need like like summer, and festivals, gigs etc........if i know in advance i'll grow for it..........Peace out.........Sid
  8. I usually get pretty good weed for £20 an 1/8th, hash is much more common up north than it is in southern areas, or atleast where i am in east anglia....
  9. Around here hash is everywhere, soapbar, i got pollem in Spain before, got weed 2 or 3 times before, it's just hash.

    It's all being imported in because it's easier to hide than weed and cheaper and it still gets people stoned.
  10. I don't believe Soapbar even deserves to be called a type of hash.

    I remember reading a list of ingredients that they put in it, and it was revolting.

    A grower can make Bubblehash from their trim, and honestly, that will be the only way a lot of people in the states can actually smoke good hash that doesn't have "Mystery Ingredient X" in over 95% of it.

    One of the highlights of Bubblehash is that it bubbles when you smoke it. With a set of the bags you can make it yourself( if you know a grower with a lot of trim,that is,or you happen to be a grower yourself).

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