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Whats the deal with Washington?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Imnothigh666, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Is the herb legal here yet? I moved here this January and man shit seems scarce. I presume its legal to have up to a quarter on you or does that go in effect this June? 

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    This talks about how the actual Initiative that made it legal will be implemented,

    The rules are still being written for legal bud in washington but is expected to be available by spring of 2014

    Also yes its legal/decriminalized in Washington, just don't do it in public or show anything that looks like intent to sell in front of a cop and your good.
  3. Scarce? Lol. It's legal smoke away
  4. Idk if its scarce, but I kind of pictured moving here to be like the California for the 1930s's dustbowl. So far I've been lucky to get something of mid quality. Super let down. 
  5. "It's legal, but you can't smoke in public."
  6. You guys must have some bad hook ups because all the shit Is get is between dank and fire. I'm in college but you'll find so many dealers I have around 7 and they're all in 10 minute driving distance and they all have bomb shit or you could just simply ask a friend who has a medical card to hook you up with bud and edibles from the dispensary.
  7. May I ask where you found the mids? Not specifics, I'm just curious in general how a new guy in a state finds weed (I'm new in my state with no connection).
  8. parks mostly 
  9. Find a Taco Bell or other popular munchies destination... Its hard to find a fast food employee who does not toke.
  10. It's legal but it's not sold in stores yet. So you can do it but don't do it in public.

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