What's the deal with this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kushbushking, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Why is it that I get no replies to any post? Seems like everyone else is getting answers to their questions and im not getting anything. Dont know if im doing something wrong or not. Thanks:confused:
  2. Soh wutz yore qweschun?
  3. you make dumb threads? :confused_2:
  4. I looked at your threads and I don't think they're dumb threads..Perhaps your problems couldn't be answered by anyone reading? :/

    But I like you!
  5. Lol, they aren't dumb threads, they're just questions that some of us don't know the answers to. Have you combed through Google?

    Don't worry, nobody is singling you out :p It's not like we all got together and decided not to respond to anything you post...

    ...or is it? >:3
  6. Ok, Thanks. I really thought i was doing something wrong. And i've looked everywhere to diagnose my symptoms but have failed. It sucks. All my other plants look great. But this one has me pulling my hair out. I consider myself to be a perfectionist at what I do. I like everything to be right. Makes me wanna pull it outta my veg room.
  7. Maybe you should pull it! I mean, if at first you don't succeed, try try again. But sometimes you just get a bad plant that needs to go.
  8. Thats what im thinking too. i have two other rp headband going and more seeds so nothing loss i guess. i have clones too. thankfully i didnt take any from the bad one!
  9. you posted your threads right around the time a lot of blades are passin out or going out hahh, friday night mayne

    give it time :smoke:
  10. if youre asking growing questions in the general forums, then that may be your problem.. lots of people in this section have no clue about anything growing related.. you should check out the growing sections..:smoking::smoking::wave:
  11. My original post was in the sick section of the cultivation forum. I came here and ranted about not getting any replies
  12. It's cuz you're a newbie here. Nobody really likes newbies on any forum
  13. Why...? Thats dumb. Everyone was a newbie at one time or another. And i'm not like that. I welcome anyone. This hole community of ppl that love cannabis have enough people and things trying to work against us. I didn't join a forum to bs about stuff. I joined to get advice with a problem and help anyone I could. New or not. I'm new to the forum but im deff not new to growing.
  14. someone HELP THIS MAN!

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