whats the deal with the retarted questions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mr. bubble hash, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. ive been reading this post for a few weeks now and have found that a lot i mean a lot of posts and questions are just plain retarted! is this forum for us growers or little kids who want to know if bleach helps thier plants? bieng a sierious grower i just cant sit silent anymore and let people degrade what my life consists of. heres a pic from my garden.(i am also a member of another forum a little more mature. names wont be said)

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  2. HIGH All, well welcome to the City mr. bubble hash...as for the kids go to any forum, we All have them. I'm sure the forum you come from has just as many and ask such silly questions too. I'm sure I'm a member of your Mature forum...where is it?
  3. HIGH All, and nice grow you have growing..mind letting us in on your garden? Like what are they...lights uno that shit.
  4. hi there, i guess you are right about the childish thing, sorry. well it is GROWKIND. someone had went there and mentioned this forum so here i am with with a different name aka doctorcalyx. i just wanted to maybe help some new people get growing but some of the questions were just unheardof. ive only posted here a coulp[e times but seem to like the variety of topics avalible. my garden is 2 1000 watts running full bedroom nft style system holding 70 plants max. i am nowhere near a pro nor look at myself as one and am always seeking constructive criticizm. (spelling sucks sorry)
  5. I normally don't comment on stuff going on in the grow forums since some of my fellow mods are absolute experts... (I love you guys for it, my crop is BEAU-TI-FULLLLL!!!!)...and I'm no expert.........but I do have a comment:

    > Yeah, some questions may not seem to be "educated" ones but I believe that learning correctly is better than knowing the wrong information. There are so many misbeliefs and false information about how to grow out there that it is hard to know everything when you are first starting out. People know that the City has growers that have been growing forever. We have growers who are truly experts with so much experience behind them that also includes what they have learned from mistakes and misinformation. If they can help others grow, despite the questions asked, then more power to them and the novice growers.

    I do wish that more people would make use of the search option to find answers to questions that have been answered a thousand times already. One can't have everything their way, though, so I understand that not everyone will take the time that they spend posting and put it into searching.

    Anyway, ^ that was my comment. I'm done. :)
  6. HIGH All, right on mr. bubble hash sounds like you know your shit and it's Always good to get more "experienced" growers.
    Been a member since Dec 01.
  7. The only way to learn is to ask questions.. From your post.... It sounds like you want people to remain retarded..

    Help the people who want it...
  8. tbh I like answering questions, n00b or not.
    About half a year ago I asked, Do blacklights work??

    Now I would deem that a very stupid question, yet I had it once, and I would still answer it now for that same reason.

    I know quite a bit more now, but its only from reading and asking about what I dont understand.
  9. lf not by asking questions We all gotta learn somewhere.

  10. there are only dumb answers.
  11. When i first came here i didnt know anything bout growing,
    Just a few misconceptions and rumours about what to do,
    Then i remember reading a grow guide saying "forget what you already think you know", then i started reading up on growing from everywhere from searches to tips and links in the city, what i didnt understand i asked about in the city and Every1 was generous in answering my Q's,
    Thats why its a community, if we all knew how to grow Perfect plants we wouldnt need the city at all.
    Thats wot i think anywayz,
  12. "have found that a lot i mean a lot of posts and questions are just plain retarted!"

    --If you are going to speak of it, you should learn to spell it--r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d- NOT retarted. I could make some good jokes here about who is retarded and who is not, but I will refrain.

    "is this forum for us growers or little kids who want to know if bleach helps thier plants?"

    --Bleach, properly diluted with water, is great for spider mites on the underside of the leaves.

    "bieng a sierious grower i just cant sit silent anymore and let people degrade what my life consists of. heres a pic from my garden.(i am also a member of another forum a little more mature. names wont be said)"

    --Your life seems to consist of not much except bad spelling and a pompous attitude. Many of us are members of other forums--so what? Personally, I am open to answering any question because, at one time, I had to ask questions, too. Thank goodness I never ran into anyone like you when I was asking them.
  13. When I first got on line about 4 years ago, I stumbled onto the CC forums and met some fantastic knowledgable and generous fellows like Uncle Ben, who would set up
    excercises and challenges for me, and even indulge my Espaniol poquito. OH, guru where art thou? And Mota20, who gave me some wonderful tips on tying and training (and fishing! Still miss you Larry, may you catch the one that always got away, I pray), and even sent me some seeds once! He said he knew the mothers intimately, but the fathers were accidents, and while they were the same strain, he could not identify them specificly.
    And Klozit King with his basic site designed for the newby with wit and humor. And his patience for the nervous newby.
    There are others I should mention, but I have forgotten their handles after this last bout with the beast.
    But thank you all, for unsolicited kindness and generosity, and for solicited information of practical and effective value.
    It is my wish to thank them all by following in their cyber footprints.
    Earth girl, on a mission...
  14. lol,thats a while ago my friend ?? So who are you earth girl l should know you ??p.s. l like your advise to people its sound.
  15. Sorry all i was a little S-T-O-N-E-D when i made that post. You shall never hear from me again as will go in peace.
  16. HIGH All, come on!!!!! You make a post about this site being inmature and now your leafing...is it because of the inmature actions by some members?

  17. shame u feel u gotta go. u do seem to knw a fair bit about growing and wud of made a usefull asset to the site. no1 has to answer all the posts they read, u cud of made some intersting comments to the posts u thought were worthy of u tho.
  18. High, ya'll,
    Long ago, in a garden room no so far away...
    Baggie seeds, randomly gathered, and without genetic history, were the first seeds of the Overgrow Rebellion. Potentially concealing deadly stowaways, they had to be decontaminated to reduce the chance of an enemy mold spore, or bacteria or virus being planted and nurtured along side the helpless seed. A practice was started of giving the seeds a mild bleach _rinse_ before soaking. This is so rarely a problem with seeds raised by and for the rebellion.
    Nevertheless, bleach still has a place in the cloning process, for keeping your surfaces and instuments sterile during the slipping step.
    I myself would not apply it to foliage. The best weapons against spidermites and other soft bodied pests include some commercial sprays (Safer's Insecticidal Soap is excellent.) Homemade remedies may contain dishsoap, rubbing alcohol, hot pepperjuices, the juice of a Chrysanthymum from Africa, or marigolds, or Nasturtiums. Diatomaceous earth kills soft bodies pests by slicing them with it's razor sharp serrated edges. It can only be aplied on calm days, since it looks more like powder than a weapon.
    OK, earth girl has rambled on long enough...grow in peace, mes amis
  19. i know a dumb question!!

    can blacklights be used for growing?

  20. wot was u thinking of growing with them?

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