what's the deal with gift giving?

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  1. seriously

    just say there are two brothers

    they each give each other one present a year for each other's birthday

    they do this their entire lives until one dies leaving the other either with one extra item

    what is the point

    by giving somebody a gift you are entering them in a contract that they will repay you somehow, with another gift

    there is no such thing as a selfless gift
  2. I've thought about this too.

    The solution is gifts that aren't material.

    DIY stuff. Art. Sexual favors. Food. Homemade presents, FTW. :p
  3. and of course weed...

  4. True, true. Trading strains. Fun times. Mix it all together, and then you have the best of both worlds.

  5. A selfish person cannot imagine that anyone could be any other way than he is.
  6. Now THIS sounds like someone who has the answer to this problem right here...:D
  7. Shows they care
  8. ^ mhm.

    Ever give a friend herb that has run out. That is gift giving. If it becomes a pattern it can start being a burden but sometimes a friend is out, sometimes you're out. Gift giving saves me so I can sleep every night if I don't have my own herb.

    Not smoking one day is a big deal and even if I have to pay back my debt in full it was still a gift that I love receiving.

  9. i got you something


  10. Aww, I love it!

  11. Annual gift giving (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) is nice, but gift giving on random days is a thousand times more meaningful. And I agree with TheHighRoad above, something you have created with your own mind and hands is usually so much better than buying at the store, although in my experiences I haven't seen others appreciate it that much. One year for my anniversary I spent about a week thinking about and drawing and coloring a somewhat surreal potrait of a woman's outline. I gave it to my wife in a frame and she was immediately moved to tears. If memory serves, fucking ensued.

    For example, one year my dad got me a case of beer for Christmas, and a few years before that he got my mother a fucking sucker for their anniversary. Yes, a sucker. Conversely, about once a month my retired neighbor will give us something he made with his own hands for our garden, or for my son, or whatever. Sometimes the stuff is junk, sometimes it's cool as hell to have, but no matter. He puts the thought into it and I couldn't feel better to have someone like that around that redeems a little bit of faith I have lost in humanity.

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  12. I just gave everyone here (that I could) rep. What's the deal? Gift giving! haha
  13. My friend and I actually had this discussion a while ago. Birthdays, holidays etc don't really matter. You don't need reason to give a gift.
  14. I like the basic message you are putting foreword

    to put another way
    a person who has done other than attempt to perform a selfless act is probably other than able to conceive of the possibility of such an act

    I currently stay away intend to stay away from selfless acts due to their affect on the person acting
  15. Gift giving is an ancient form of kindness. :smoking:
  16. You're selfish for the feeling of superiority you get when you talk down to others.

    You're selfish for the feeling of gratitude you get from your friends.

    Everyone is selfish. Being selfless is an oxymoron. Even if it appears as though you are losing out in whatever decision you make, you still made it which means you weighed your options against your values and came to the proper conclusion.

    You can not hold yourself higher than anyone else because you made a "selfless" decision. You had something to gain out of the situation just like the person who chose to accept the gift. Don't try to play it any other way.
  17. I rarely give gifts to anyone.

    One of the reason is that. I don't want to make them feel like they have to return the favor.

    But another reason why I don't like to give gifts, is because I'm not really sure if he/she wants it.

    Unless somebody comes to me and ask for a gift, I don't hand out first.
  18. disagree 420%
    mothers day and fathers day...i give them what they want because they deserve it not because i want anything back. just want there love.

  19. naw man

    the other 364 days of the year are children day

    google how much it costs for a parent to raise a child

    gas station flowers and breakfast in bed don't come close
  20. I agree.

    I stopped gift-giving when I was 17 and dead broke, and guess what? No one gives you gifts when you don't give them gifts:laughing:
    I don't give gifts anymore for Christmas or birthdays, and I don't expect them in return. It hasn't changed any of my relationships - A card, phone call or just your presence is enough for most people.

    I can see how giving gifts shows your appreciation of someone, but to me, it means so much more when someone see's a dinky little jewelry box at a flea market and thinks "Hey, so-and-so would love this" rather than buying some overpriced gift on a day that they're socially bound to get you.

    Fuck gifts

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