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whats the deal with brittish columbia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. im from the uk, i have heard about bud around cananda and north.whats the deal with all this hype about that area of america? i heard about little marajuana villages in the middle of no where.
  2. Haha, not sure man, but BC hydro is supposebly Killer shit..And its one of the nicest places in Canada
  3. BC is a nice place, where marijuana laws are enforced in a pretty lax way. There are some serious breeders up there with some amazing ganja, and alot of it gets smuggled into the US. And boy do we like to talk about our weed.
  4. yeah.. alot of the quality bud we get over here comes from canada.
  5. British Columbia is the most wonderful place I've ever been to. Not only is it breath-takingly beautiful, but marijuana laws are extremely lax and the people are very friendly and open-minded. There are mid-sized towns there with shops that actually sell weed over the counter. And of course, a lot of killer strains are grown there.

    BC rules!
  6. Well put!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your experience here so much. Its an absolutely great place to live!

    Its also nice to have some of the most killer buds available just around the corner ;)
  7. It's like Little Amsterdam to us americans who can't get across the sea.
  8. lol bc's pretty sweet i only started tokin in october but i have never gotten schwag. that might just be where i live maybe.
  9. vancouver (vansterdam) is the place to be!

    i plan to vacation there at some point w/in the next few years.

    i bet canadians are chill as hell.
  10. You'll love it! Canadians are very chill...:wave:
  11. yeah,,,,well im starting to like canadians lately lol....u guys sound chilled.might have to look for a canandian girl that tokes and lives in the uk! but jokes aside,,thanks must go there 1day
  12. If you ever do, let me know :)
  13. bc's pretty nice and theres usually bud around but i dont know about other places so i cant compare
  14. BC kicks ass and all, but I wouldn't recommend smuggling weed from BC into California.
  15. Canada is awsome i love not being able to relate to all you americans taking piss tests for shitty min wage jobs. and nice orwell qoute I pick that for my sinor year book qoute +rep.
  16. I've been to BC, and it's true, the bud is amazing and super cheap. They'll sell you a Q of dank nugget for like 60 bucks and think they're ripping you off.
  17. Do you mean into Washington? and how come? have you heard bad stories? theres quite a bit of BC in seattle, but the "BC" you guys send down here supposedly isnt as good as the stuff you guys keep, but the "BC" we get doesnt compare to the SEA grown shit here. this sounds REALLY confusing but im super fuckedd
  18. I was in Vancouver this summer. It's pretty much the nicest place I've ever been. Great scenary, chill people, great bud. What more could you want?

  19. Not speaking for Eleven357, but it's really not a good idea. I'm from Vancouver Island and have had people close to me get involved in stuff like that. You* can get away with it, but know that eventually you will be searched, it will be random, and if you have even the smallest amount, they will find it and U.S Customs is not someone/something you want to fuck with.
    (a general "you", not referring to the poster himself.)
    I have never smuggled something through a search, but even with a spotless record I've been searched probably 60% of the time i cross the border (I travel down the coast often) and its not a quick search, each one takes at least an hour to conduct.

    Anyways, sorry to go off course in the thread, just don't want to see anyone else make the same mistake so many of my friends have.

    As for BC bud, I happen to be a big fan of it. I've never smoked better and have only smoked mids once in my life (wasn't even from BC, it was from Oregon). You certainly can't beat the prices or the quality and we have some of the most amazing smoke spots ever (smoking a J in an ocean going canoe with whales swimming by was one of the best)
  20. The deputy police chief was getting me booze at a wedding when i was like 13 once.

    I smoked on the side of a busy street pretty much once a week for an entire year and nobody cared.

    Canada is pretty chill.

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