What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Discussion in 'General' started by JimiBoy, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I don't know if you agree with me but a life without challenge and risk is not worth living.
    What's the craziest thing you've ever done or the biggest risk you've ever taken?
    A year ago, I gave $200 to a homeless person.

    Here are crazy risk takers on wheels, OMG!
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  2. One time I was in Philly with some friends and I silly-stringed the shit out of a cop on a bicycle. I mean I got this guy really good -- ALL over his face and uniform. I shit you not, this dude called back up and we had like 4 bike cops chasing us around the city until we finally got caught at a red light. He ripped me out of the car and arrested me, but I was released like 4 hours later. Fun times. :pimp:
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  3. how exactly does this apply to the topic? was this person known to stab people when approached or something?
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  4. Lol right? Especially with OPs intro to the thread, then hits it with a "AAAAAND I gave 200 dollars to a homeless person" ... Probably not the riskiest move there, chief

    I knitted once. It was riveting
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  5. Crazy!
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  6. I sang 'Stars and Stripes Forever' in loud chicken clucking in a packed restaurant.

    Bawwwk bawk bawk bawk BAWK BAWK, bawk BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWWWWK!
  7. Giving away $200 to a stranger, I don't know a lot of people who would do that, would you?
  8. unless it was like the last 200 dollars to your name, it's simply not a "crazy" thing to do, or a "risk/challenge" . it's called being generous.
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  9. Joined the marine corps while the US was in two wars simultaneously. Straight up risked my life. After that lots of personal decisions that were risky but have ended up working.
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  10. You rock!

    ...I was a corpsman in the reserves, but it was before the war. Semper fi.
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  11. Semper fi! Thank you! You rock back.
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  12. When I was 23 I took a trip to Australia for two months. We rented a car and camped out of it for the whole trip. At the time, I knew little about the country. We were just winging it. We'd camp out in the bush for a week or so and then check into a hostel to get cleaned up and get laid. At one point during the trip, we were in the middle of nowhere. If you know anything about OZ, middle of nowhere means the middle of nowhere. The darkside of the moon. 12 hours from the nearest anything. We met up with some local bogans and decided to get stoned. They lead us up this giant sand dune. The bugs where the worst I've ever seen. Giant flies the size of a dime. We proceeded to chug beer and hit a blunt. All of a sudden I felt something crawling in my ear. It was one of the giant flies! It made it's way all the way into my ear drum. I started to freak out. It was extremely loud. It sounded like someone was holding a weed wacker right up to my ear. BBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZz. It went on for hours. Eventually, in my drunken stupor, I decided the best idea was to drown the fucker. I poured a bottle of water in my ear and waited for it to drown. Eventually the gurgling dissipated. The next day, I talked it over with a few of my friends. Everyone agreed that it would breakdown and I had nothing to worry about. For the next month, I went about my business as usual. 4 months later I started getting head pains. I went to the doctor and they put this device in my ear. Sure enough, out came the fly encased in wax. It was perfectly preserved. The doctor was so excited he started shouting and called in all the interns to come look at it. The fly was so big it looked like a bubble bee.
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  13. Definitely.. growing bud in New Zealand.

    That's about as suicidal and illegal-as-fuck as it gets.. although the average American probably doesn't see it that way.. cause they're so spoiled with their leeegal mediccccccinal marijuaaaanaaaaa... bruuuuh..!! (jk .. not all states.. but some :D)
  14. Thats very immature bud. Not cool at all. Disrespecting somebody that you would be sooooo fast to call if someone was banging on your house in the middle of the night

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