whats the craziest place u've smoked at?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bboy!, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. well for me it would be a plane toilet (thank god i did not get caught ...harold and kumar 2 ftw)
  2. skydiving.
  3. I don't know about crazy, but risky for sure. I hotboxed a car on the first floor of a parking garage.
  4. that's fuckin legit!!! hahahahaha

    well stupidest place i've done it was in this suuuper gnarly shady ally in LB and we take a T and see a cop pull by and then drive off.. we were like oo fuck.. lets take a bowl to that:smoke:
  5. outside of a building on the campus at the college i attend
    now that i think about it it was fucking stupid
    that being said i made sure i wasnt going to get caught
    but yea it was dumb
  6. School bus.
  7. I smoked under a bridge once sitting on a rusted pipe. And in front of us...was a huge ass hill. So if you fell off that pipe you were falling down a hill...a hill you wouldn't be able to stop yourself on until you got to the bottom (I've seen friends fall down it before) Thankfully I made it out alive!
  8. on the side of a mountain in eastern kentucky with a giant view
  9. In the top of a huge ol 100 foot oak we climbed with ropes to see the medior shower. We had ropes and belays and harnesses and everything :D
  10. On the grounds of a united states embassy

    so what if it was in amsterdam and I only managed to slip in my left foot through the gate...It still counts
  11. in a police station
  12. My town's mayor's house.

    On the roof of my cabin, overlooking the great Smokies!

    At the top of a giant pine tree, right above my mother. ( back when I was 15 )
  13. Walking around New York City.
  14. Vaped when I was in high school on my school bus and the dark room at school. Helllla yeah ima badass
  15. went on vacation to the grand canyon this year with my family... me and my bro hiked down one of the trails off on huge cliff.. my parents freaking out yelling " be careful, get your ass back up here"

    hanging on the side of this cliff we smoked two bowls as our parents sat up top and waited
  16. brunswick naval air station - my dad went to buy cigarettes and needed to get the decals to be allowed on base. he asked if i had any weed on me, i said i didn't but i really did. we were directed to the police station on base for the decals and my dad went in. i smoked a quick bowl in the truck waiting for him - he knew what was up when he got back in the truck but just laughed.
  17. Vaped in class while watching a movie
  18. above a police station
  19. An abandoned POW camp.
  20. ona double rainbowww

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